Aji Lengser, Joko Susilo Interim Coach Arema FC

Pelatih Arema Cronus, Joko Susilo (kiri), bersama salah satu pemainnya, Samsul Arif, menghadiri konferensi pers usai laga Piala Presiden 2015 melawan Bali United, Mingu (17/9/2015)

Aji Lengser, Joko Susilo Interim Coach Arema FC

Aji Santoso officially retired from the seat of coach Arema FC on Monday (7/31/2017). Assistant coach, Joko Susilo, was appointed to be the temporary coach of the club nicknamed Singo Edan Agen Poker Online.

The resignation of Aji from the position of head coach did not cause great fluctuations in the body of Arema. Joko Susilo or who is familiarly called Joko Gethuk, has a qualified qualities to be a substitute, especially since he has been with Arema FC since 2007, so it is believed to be very memorable team character.

During his career, both as a player and coach, 46-year-old man from Cepu origin achieved some achievements. Here are the achievements Joko summarized, as quoted from BolaSport.com:

– Joko Susilo has defended big clubs in Indonesia, among them, Persibo Bojonegoro, PSM Makassar, Persija Jakarta and Arema FC.

– Train Arema since 2004-2006 at Arema Academy. He was later appointed assistant coach of the senior team of Arema FC from 2007 to the present.

– Joko Susilo is now licensed AF AFC after Djajang Nurdjaman follows A AFC license in Bangkok, Thailand, in January 2017.

– As an assistant coach of Arema FC, Joko has worked with top coach Indonesia. Starting from Bambang Nurdiansyah, Robert Rene Albert, Miroslav Janu, Rahmad Darmawan, Suharno (alm), Milomir Seslija, and the latest Aji Santoso.

Now, Joko carrying a tough task because it must be able to bring Arema back to the top of League 1, although only a temporary coach status. If Arema FC managed to achieve good results and look slick during the second round of competition, Joko likely lined up as a major coach.

With pocketed A AFC license, Joko experience was called as a top level coach of the country.

Arema currently occupies the seventh position standings after just a goalless draw against Borneo FC in the 17th week, Sunday (30/7). They are six points adrift of Madura United who are at the top.

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