Fassone: Diego Costa The Talent Players

Fassone: Diego Costa The Talent Players

Milan CEO Marco Fassone did not want to give certainty about the issue of Chelsea’s top scorer, Diego Costa.

“We hope to bring in players who are in accordance with the desire of the coach. We are all aware of the dangers of putting 10 new players in the locker room, but we believe the coach and team will unite as soon as possible, “Fassone said.

Fassone was also asked about the Spayol striker who is expected to join Atletico Madrid in January.

“I no longer want to mention the names of players from other clubs, because everyone can be angry. Diego Costa is a talented player, he is a Chelsea player, we are still assessing various options.

“We met Jorge Mendes because there are many things you can discuss with him.

“We’ve done a lot of deals, we look forward to whether it is worth to pour more funds to strengthen certain areas. We enjoyed the ‘blitz’ with Mendes. “

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