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10/12/2013 - 21:22

She was a janitor working late hours, and she needed the money, so she put up mostly with those idiots who decided to bother her. After working for nearly 1 year, she had realized that most men don’t bother you, and those who do, generally seem to lie off, if you just tell them to stop whatever they’re up to and go. Most of the times, a firmly said “no” helps to chase away bullies and possible molesters.

However, today was an exception. He was a young guy from sales, and tonight for some reason he had targeted her for his sales pitch which would have her under him in his office desk. Or something like that probably. Even a firmly said, “Sorry sir, but please let me do my job”, which generally worked on others, did not work on this one. She was about to make a rude gesture at him, but decided to turn away like the nice girl that she was.

And as soon as she turned, she felt a hand pinch one of her ass cheeks through the material.

Something exploded inside her. She was not used to such treatment. Most men left her alone, and the few who did not, did not resort to physical assault. Her anger suddenly rose within her, and a deep need to do some ballbusting came with it. She grabbed the broom handle in both her hands, turned around, and jammed it right on the grinning salesman’s groin.

The smile the salesman wore gave way to ballbusting pain. She had hit the target soundly, and a hard “thwack” was what could be heard, followed by howling. He held his balls and screamed abuses at her, mostly dealing with her mother, family, and sexual intercourse. As the tirade continued, she realized that her ire was not completely gone, so she slapped him to bring him out of his mounting hysteria, thanks to the pain.

However, as soon as she slapped him, he stopped crying and caught her flying hand. Enraged further, she twisted her arm to free it from his iron grip. However, he was relentless. Muttering a “sorry” to the great God, she punched him in the groin with her free hand.

His already tender ball sack was hit with a solid thump, and his tender globes were really not prepared for the hit. He howled, screamed, and let her go. Enraged further, she added to the ballbusting by pulling out the broom, and hitting him again and again with the handle right on his groin. At some point, she realized he was below her, rolling on the floor, and still she continued hitting.

After a few minutes, she bent down. At that point, there was no strength left in the man to stop her. She released his cock and balls to check the extent of the injury. She relaxed when she saw that she had merely crushed his genitals, and it wasn’t bleeding. He would have difficulty peeing for a few days, but otherwise he would be fine.

Satisfied with her survey, she kicked him right between his legs. He arched in ballbusting pain, his body shuddering and hurting all over. She knew that he was not able to move at all. Satisfied, she hit him again, and heard him groan painfully at her hit. She decided to pull him into the room because it would look weird for a man to lie in the corridor alone, with his family jewel hanging down his trousers.

“Will you ever come after me?” She demanded as she pulled him by his left hand to take him inside an office.


“What? I didn’t hear!” She pretended innocence.

“I swear! I swear, I will come after you to check on you. That’s all! That’s what I was doing today too!”

She gave his balls one last lingering kick and left him alone in the cold corridor.

10/11/2013 - 21:21

It was dark in the jungle and she was all alone. Looking around her, he did not see anyone or anything, and it was making him nervous. All he could think of was to get out of this place, but there seemed to be no place where he could run to. The paths were all closed and dark.

He promised himself that he would never run away from home again. Just then, up ahead, he saw the dark shape of a cottage taking form. With renewed hope, he walked to it, and saw that indeed, it was a cottage. He looked around and saw that it wasn’t locked, so he slipped in. He saw a bed right away, and, exhausted, he lay down on it and fell asleep right away.

When he woke, he found himself tied up. Invisible hands were moving all over him, and he felt two pairs of hands touching his chest, his cock, balls, and his legs. He realized he was stark naked, and before he could do anything more, he felt a mouth sucking in his cock, and he moaned.

At his moan, the hands tightened cruelly on his balls, and his moan quickly became a groan and then several groans of denial as he could feel the beginning of a pain that could only be called ballbusting. He thrashed about, trying to throw her off, but nothing seemed to help. The hands held him down while fingers started rimming his asshole.

He was groaning and moaning at this point, as he felt his balls being sucked, and pulled inside a hot mouth. His cock stood in attention, and he could feel a body lowering on top of him, a wet and tight pussy right on top of his cock. He groaned and smiled. This was what he wanted – a hungry fuck. He lifted his hips up to cleave into the wet orifice, and he could hear a faint moan.

She bounced up and down, and all the time, hands and mouth explored her balls. He could feel the tips of a pair of breasts brush his knee, and his arousal grew tenfold. The invisible women used him good, and one started to twist and pull his balls from under him as the other one rode him with enthusiasm.

The girl on top of him changed her pace – from going at it like a seasoned horsewoman, she changed pace, became slow, slower, while the other woman twisted and pulled on his balls, scratching the underside of it. He jumped in ballbusting pain as she suddenly slammed a hand against his tender balls, hurting the other girl right on her ass. The two of them groaned in unison, and the girl started to ride him hard, again.

Slap! Slap! Slap! The hard slaps were now rhythmically falling on his balls and her ass. He could feel anticipation inside him as she swatted his balls and waited for each turn as his body started to tense up for an orgasm from the pain of the ballbusting and the pleasure of the fuck.

The girl on top of him had come a couple of times by this point. Wet, slippery hints of her orgasm was smeared between them, reminding him of the thorough fuck. Fingers picked up some of that and the same finger was pushed into his mouth during his ballbusting. He gagged at first, choked on her finger, and sucked the salty come from her finger, and then she was screaming and moaning her satisfaction as she came again.

At that point, he felt like a king, but too soon it was, for a massive slap at that point crushed his balls. He saw stars, and his body convulsed in one of the most violent orgasms of my life. It was incredible, and he felt himelf completely empty. Without further ado, he fell asleep after his own ballbusting.

Next morning he woke to find himself lying in a bed, minus the shackles, with a single red rose on the side. Smiling, he tucked the rose in his pocket and left.

10/10/2013 - 21:21

Midnight was fast approaching. He hurried along the road, afraid of the dark. These roads were dark and dangerous in the night, and lone male and female were equally unsafe. He hurried back to his house, because he knew he would be safe here. Ever since female bullies had started to roam this area in the night, he had been cautious about leaving from work early and reaching in time. Because in this city young men were increasingly becoming victims of bullying and ballbusting, and he really did not want to join the ranks.

He walked with his head down, and tried to make himself as inconspicuous as possible. However, 10 minutes later, he realized that there were some people following him. He tried to walk faster, but he could hear them walking faster, so now he realized he had to run. However, near a dark part of the road, he suddenly saw a couple of female figures standing. He realized his mistake – to avoid these ballbusting bullies, he had walked into a trap, right where they wanted him to be. He tried to find an escape route, but to no avail. Desperately, he took out the small knife he kept hidden in his pocket, and flashed it.

Slow, feminine laughter answered his threat. Before he knew what was happening, strong, female hands had captured him from behind, and even though he tried, he could not wrench himself away. He tried to scream, only to have a ball gag tied around his mouth, choking him and containing his scream.

“This one’s a feisty one. It would be fun to see him squirm and break.” One voice spoke.

The other one said, “Looks good too. Wonder what’s in his pants.”

Without further ado, hands stripped him while he squirmed and tried to move, but to no avail. Soon there was nothing between his body and the marauding hands which cupped and squeezed his balls, ran fingers up and down his spine, and swatted his buttocks. Despite the fear of being killed or castrated, he could not contain his natural enthusiasm, and his cock rose slowly.

“Look, look, this one likes us. He’s already up and eager!”

“Men!” Someone said disgustedly as a wet, warm heat enclosed the top of his cock. He groaned. It felt so good to have a female mouth around his cock, sucking and licking him good. He almost forgot where he was and with who as he closed his eyes and thrust his cock inside her mouth. In response, his cock was held with a hand while a mouth caressed the tip of his cock. Instead of the ballbusting pain, he could feel his body responding to the intense sensations of being sucked and fucked.

Suddenly he felt a hand swatting his balls quite roughly. The sensation was so startlingly painful, that his cock immediately responded by getting flaccid. Hands swatted his butt and balls, and he felt intense pain as a pair hands grasped his balls, and squeezed till she crushed them. Whimpering, he could feel black dots clouding his vision as a sudden, rough punch hit him squarely in the gut, and he doubled over. For a few seconds, he could feel his legs going completely slack from the ballbusting pain, and if it was not for the hands holding him upright, he would have fallen.

The punches continued, some hit his balls, some were directed to his solar plexus, one squarely landed on his cock and he whimpered from the pain. At the same time, fingers invaded his anal cavity, and he screamed from the pain of rough fingers pushed inside him. After the torture continued for another 10 minutes or so, he fainted from the ballbusting pain.

The ladies let his slack body go. They took the clothes, money and other things he had on him. One girl picked up his knife. He lay there, his body naked and shivering while they disappeared in the darkness of the night.

10/09/2013 - 21:20

Saving up had never been this difficult. She was desperate to find some more money at the end of the month, but she knew that her boss would never give her anything more than she strictly deserved. And she knew why. She was an old hag who had no other interest in life but to make people miserable. The old witch had nothing better to do than to make sure that no one in her office was happy. She was the official happiness fucker, and everyone in the office hated her guts. The only person who she loved was her son, and there wasn’t another insolent piece of shit like him. He would saunter inside her office and sit on her desk and look down her cleavage, all the time mouthing insults. Most of the time she would be silent, but sometimes she would long to throw something at him. How she would love to give him a ballbusting, she thought with relish! Yes, that little shit would do a lot of good with a ballbusting, a long, hard session which would teach him who was mistress.

And it looked she was not going to be spared today as well. Just as she was about to leave, in came Dreadful Dorian, the boss’s only son, pampered and cossetted, and perfectly at ease in giving orders. She hated him with a passion which rivaled no other. With an insolent look, he sat down on her desk, and started asking her questions. She tried to ignore him by talking in monosyllables. However, it became uncomfortable, when he started asking personal questions. She tried to be mute as much as possible, but when it looked like he would not relent, she finally gave up. Slamming her laptop shut, she picked up her handbag and purse and made for the door.

Rising, he caught hold of her hand, the one which held the handbag. Instinctively, she brought up her other hand to box his ears, but he held that one too, and pulling her close, kissed her forcefully!

Disgust and hatred flashed inside her, and all her pent-up emotions gave rise to an ire which was too much for her to bear. She immediately bit his lower lip, and at the same time brought her knee up, giving him an unexpected blow that left him howling with pain and his lower lip bloodied and sore. He was stunned and hurt, and before he could understand what I was doing, I hit him between his legs with my knee again, my entire day’s frustration coming out with that one, harsh blow.

He bent double in ballbusting pain, and it fed her ire even more. Without mercy, she pulled him up by the hair, and snarled, “What were you trying to do to me again?”

He moaned and then opened his eyes wide as he felt the tug in his hair. ”It was only a kiss! I swear, it was nothing more than a kiss! Nothing more! Nothing! I swear! I would have let you go after a kiss!”

She grimaced. Bullies like this never let their victims go afterwards, and he knew that. She kicked his shin, and he screamed out his pain. Swearing, she punched him in the belly, but still the satisfaction of ballbusting was missing. So, she decided to plant another kick right between his legs, and immediately, he folded, his legs curled up and his body moving sideways to protect himself.

Turning away from him, from the ballbusting, she gathered her fallen purse once again. “I’d better never see you do what you did today, you little shit. To me or anyone else. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes Ma’am. Yes.”

10/09/2013 - 21:19

Crying wasn’t going to get him anywhere. He knew that but he could not stop sniffling. If only mistress did not do all the things she did… made him forget himself, so much that he had forgotten important things to do today… but mistress had not told him anything yet. All she had done was to make him stand against the wall. He was frightened. But he was also quite determined to not feel vulnerable. Every night he would come here to meet her, and she would do something new to him. Today was no different, but today he had made a mistake. She had asked him to come early, and he could not get away. So he was late. And he was worried what mistress would do when she found out he was.

She was waiting for him. She was holding a whip and wearing her half-mask, that revealed nothing more than her smile, and she was smiling evilly. His body cringed with fear of what she was going to do – she was one of the wicked females he had met and she could make him cry and laugh at the same go. She gave him pleasure and intense ballbusting pain at the same time.

She approached him and asked him to sit. She did not talk. She merely gestured. He sat down on the bed. She indicated for him to lie down and put on the cuffs that were attached to the headboard. He did. She then climbed on the bed. With the tip of the whip, she caressed his balls and cock, and he squirmed from the intense pleasure it gave him to see his mistress touch his body. She gently touched his cock with the end of her whip and he lifted his ass from the bed, begging, not aware of the ballbusting pain that would follow.

Suddenly, he felt a device being attached to the tip of his cock. He looked down, to see a kind of clamp, attached to a small device. Mistress turned on the device, and it started to give him tiny electric shocks down his body. He groaned at the sensation of electric shocks running through her body while his mistress softly swatted his balls with the end of her whip.

Suddenly, the shock intensity increased, and so did the swats on his balls. What were previously little hits suddenly started to become lashes. He was feeling a ballbusting pain that was growing in intensity, and it was getting him to a situation where the pain acted as a catalyst to pleasure. He was lifting his body up, arching it with the rhythm of the whip stinging his tender balls as his mistress grew more and more furious with her ministrations. His body felt like it was on fire, and his cock was standing attention, aroused and heavy. His balls started to tighten up from the pain and pleasure combination, and he felt an intense orgasm building up within him from the ballbusting.

Suddenly, he felt her throw away the whip, remove the clamp from the tip of his cock, and in the next moment, her mouth enveloped his cock, sucking furiously. He could not contain the orgasm. Yelling, his eyes moist with tears, he thrust his cock inside her mouth and came. Her mouth sucked him dry as her cruel hands twisted his balls, giving him an orgasm that increased in intensity with that one move. He screamed, groaned and then screamed again from the ballbusting pain as he felt his balls being squeezed and crushed.

She licked the head of his cock and then slowly let go. He was smiling, his eyes closed. She knew he had had a great time.

10/08/2013 - 21:18

Anya stared at the screen in disbelief as she read the mail. After working tirelessly for 9 years, she was being casually let go of by the company. All this time she had been working tirelessly, and all her efforts just went to dust, because some young yuppy son of a board member had decided to take up the job she had been good at, and built herself into. She blinked back tears of rage and frustration, and a strong hit of anger hit her as she trembled with it. How dare they? How dare they? And she knew who was behind all of it.

Edmond Sharpe, her boss. The man who she had been sucking up to and been a slave to his whims for the last four years. He was behind this – he never believed in a woman getting ahead – all he seemed to want was to have women running after him, doing his bidding… and she was sick and tired of being one of them. He needed to be taught a lesson, and soon. He needed a lesson in ballbusting he would never forget.

Determined, she walked over to his closed office, and stood outside. She rapped on the door, and he said, “Come in.” It was way past closing time anyway, so there was nobody in sight. She smiled grimly, knowing that she would have to act fast to get his attention.

“Yes… Blackwell?” He deliberately used her surname to intimidate her. However, she was way past intimidation. She wanted justice, and she wanted it right away. So without any preamble, she walked up to his desk and said, “Sir, I demand an explanation.”

“An explanation… of what exactly?” He pretended innocence.

She held out the letter which she had taken a print out of. “This, sir.”

“Oh.” He looked at her thoughtfully. Then, smiling, he said, “Shit happens, you know. There are times when one or two members are deemed expedient. Especially if they are far too long on the job.”

She seethed. “I worked hard for that position, Sir,” she gritted her teeth at the usage of Sir, and a murderous, ballbusting rage started to boil up inside her. She tried to tamp it down, but it must have shown in her face, for he looked at her with something almost similar to fear before smoothing out his features into a formal blandness.

“Yes, well,” he said briskly, “that is there. But yes… you have overstayed your welcome, you know.”

I was boiling over with ire, my ballbusting rage slowly starting to get better of me. I would like to tear off his balls and feed them to him, I thought murderously. His smirks were getting to me, and his superior attitude needed to be toned. Walking around the desk, I stood in front of him. He must have seen something in my eyes, because he looked at me with slowly dawning clarity and said, “Now look here…”, and stood up.

I wasn’t listening. All I seemed to focus on was the fact that he had been the guy responsible for my dismissal, and that he was standing up. As I was a petite woman and he was a tall guy, I had no trouble using my balled up fists, and the first thing I did was punch him in the groin.

He looked at me for a second, his eyes wide and filled with disbelief before he started to fold over. I grabbed his cock and balls through his crotch, and his folding stopped. He was dead scared, I could see clearly, when he looked into my eyes. I was smiling, quite cruelly, as I twisted my fingers as I held his cock, and I watched his face crumble with fear and pain.

“Aaaaggh! That hurts! That hurts!” He kept on moaning and mumbling, while my fingers twisted his balls further through his pants. Roughly, I unzipped him and brought his cock and balls from inside his pants, and I pulled at his cock roughly while I used my other hand to pull and twist his balls cruelly. His eyes watered from the ballbusting pain, but he did not stop me at all. I knew he was a sadistic pervert, so I decided to give him one last hit of pain.

With all my might, I kneed him on the groin, just before I let go of his private parts. He screamed as his naked balls were crushed against his groin, fell back against the chair, and fainted dead away from the ballbusting pain.

I smiled cruelly, and left the letter of dismissal on the desk with the words “reconsideration” written on it. I was sure it would be done.

10/07/2013 - 21:17

Ronnie was pretty sure that she had not seen that man anywhere, yet he was altogether too affable towards her. Did he know about her? She was wondering it aloud when he came and introduced himself. Middle aged and sweet, he looked harmless and she felt a sudden urge to tell him everything about herself. Strange, for she had never had such an urge before in her life. But when he started talking, she could not help herself. Soon she was discussing a lot of things with this man without knowing why.

He was listening too. The amicable little gentleman listened with all his attention focused on her, and she felt really good talking to him. At the end of an hour she realized she had babbled with him for a long time and she hurriedly apologized for taking up his time. He smiled and said… “If you need to talk to me at any time, call this number and come over. I love having people over for tea.”

She took the card, smiled, and went her way. A few days later, she called him up, and they met up at a local coffee shop. She found herself telling him anything and everything, and it was exhilarating. However, she did not know how much she was telling, until one day she realized that she had told this man her fantasies and her general sexual predilections.

However, he did not seem to mind. But then, she saw her colleagues stare at her sometimes. At first she dismissed the glances. But then one day she discovered that all her “confessions” were available online, taped discreetly and without her knowledge, to one of the “confession” websites where people talked about their dirty secrets. She was extremely humiliated to hear her own voice talking about her “little girl fixation” and the voiceover made everything sound nasty and perverted. Her office called and gave her a warning, and said that this kind of behavior was not tolerated.

She was fuming and tears were hurting her eyes. She promised that she would be doing some ballbusting, and there was nothing better than today.

Like every other day, he was waiting for her. She looked at him, her teeth bared into a travesty of a smile. Her entire body was shaking with rage, and she was hopping mad, but she tried to make sure her face looked neutral. When she came close, he saw her face and realized that she was angry. And he knew why. Quickly, he tried to slam the door on him, but, quickening her pace, she raced inside, slammed the door behind him, and pushed him away.

For a frail man, he was quite strong. He did not fall back as expected, but merely backed away a little. However, she was in a ballbusting rage, so she attacked him immediately. He grabbed her hand to stop her from attacking, and immediately she raised her knee and jammed it against his groin. He screamed in pain. She kneed him again, her entire being focused on ballbusting the bastard who had made her look like a fool, and told the world of her personal matter. He screamed as she kneed him a third time, her knee smashing and grinding his balls against his groin. Howling, he fell to the floor, pain overcoming him.

She stared at him and spat in his face, her ballbusting rage now simmering down. He was groaning from the pain of the ballbusting, and she looked at her own handiwork and smiled. “Never fuck with me,” She said. “Never.”

10/06/2013 - 21:16

There were two girls sitting on the side of the field. I looked and saw one girl stare at me. The other one was obliquely gazing at me through her glasses. I was amused, but I did not say anything. I was used to getting looks from women, my strong frame and big bones were attractive to many. But I did not know if I wanted to talk to them… for one, I was new to the area, and two, they were too young for me. I generally date women my age or slightly older. They appeal to me more, and I was never the one to be turned on by youth. However, there was some appeal in the dewy freshness of the two girls wearing hot pants and checking me out, long curly blonde hair flowing over their shoulders.

I looked back at them and smiled. They smiled right back, and one of them angled her head slightly. I walked over to them, and flashed a smile. They were totally checking me out, shamelessly, their eyes hungrily roaming over my body. I smiled right back, and we started talking. They were from around here, and they were cousins. The one I assumed to be older turned out to be twenty, and the other one was nineteen. They smiled at me and the younger one suggested a cold drink. Her house was nearby. I agreed, and the three of us walked down to her shaded little house in the hot summer day.

Of course, at this point, I was checking out both of them. Perky boobs, trim figure, tight little asses – they had the works. I was thinking of ramming one or both, and I guess they wanted it too, because I could see a distinct sway in both their asses as they sashayed back to the house.

Once inside, they invited me to the kitchen, and got me a drink. I accepted gladly, my throat felt parched thanks to the heat outside. After drinking, I felt both girls stare at my body hungrily, so I grinned and said… “So, what do we do next? Have some fun?”

At that suggestion, I felt both girls look at each other and grin approvingly, and soon the three of us were moving to a bedroom where they both jumped on me. Pretty soon, their crop tops and hot pants lay in a pool at the bottom of the bed, and I felt two tongues licking my cock and balls. While one held my cock, the other one sucked my balls inside my mouth, pulling and letting go. The sensation was awesome, and I was ready to ram their tight pussies and asses, so I grabbed hold of one of them, positioned her under me, her ass pointing upwards, and thrust into her from the back. I felt my cock separate tight tissues and muscles, and her pussy clenched me while I inched my way in bit by bit. I felt the other girl’s mouth on my backside, and she was separating my butt cheeks, and licking my asshole. Moaning with pleasure, I rammed this chick even harder, and she was squirming and crying out under me in willing submission.

Suddenly, I felt a hand grasp my balls tightly and squeezed. At the sudden pain, I tried to rear back, but the other girl pushed her body against my back, and in a low whisper said, “If you don’t comply with what I want, I will rip your balls off. Now fuck her harder, faster, and let me fuck you.” Her voice was so masterful that despite the pain, my cock was hard and ready. I fucked the girl below me harder, my hands pushing her down as I felt a ballbusting pain on my scrotum as she squeezed my balls between her fingers. Her fist was crushing my balls, and it was making the fuck painful and exciting at the same time. I lowered my head and bit the girl’s shoulder, and I could feel the ballbusting pain heighten as my balls were literally pulled out from under me, and stretched downwards. With the other hand, the girl frigged my asshole, her finger moving in and out lightly, and I increased my pace.

Thanks to the pain I could feel my orgasm come and recede, and I was getting impatient now. The girl under me was moaning in pain and pleasure, and at that point, I had taken the pain of ballbusting on her. I could feel her pussy smear more and more juices as I rammed her, and the girl behind me slapped my balls rhythmically.

Suddenly, I realized that despite the ballbusting pain, I was approaching an orgasm. My body was tightening up, my balls were pulling up, and the girl started to earnestly swat my ass and thighs as she felt me starting to come. As I hit my orgasm, I felt a final hit on my balls, a crushing, ballbusting pain which made me ejaculate harder, and I came inside the girl. I could feel the girl getting my massive load inside her, her body drenched in all the come that she got. I shuddered and screamed in pleasure and ballbusting pain, and collapsed on top of her.

When I came round, I could feel my body sandwiched between the girls. Warm boobs and pussies caressed my shoulder, chest, and back, and I felt hands soothing my tender balls and tired cock.

Smiling, I cupped a breast. I did want a second round with these two. And a third too.

10/05/2013 - 21:14

As soon as he returned home, she pounced on him. It had been a long day, and he was tired, but she was relentless in her nagging. As his wife, he knew she had little other choice but to nag. But he was hating all the irritating screaming and shouting today, he decided to cut her off. He went into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich, and she followed him there. All she did was nag, nag, nag, and he was bored of it. He wanted out.

As he smeared some fruit preserves on the bread, he heard her scream something, but he did not pay attention. Hungry, he ate a couple of slices of the bread, and then saw her scream at him again.

Calmly, he stood in front of her and backhanded her solidly. She screamed and fell, her body hitting the floor with a thump. He smiled, walked to the living room, and turned on the TV.

She stood in the middle of the kitchen. She had been trying to make him understand that they had no money and the landlord was already here twice for the rent, and the next time, he had promised that he would not be so nice. He had brought a “friend” with him today who had looked her up and down and smiled unpleasantly, and she knew that she was in trouble. However, with a husband who barely paid her any attention, it was difficult for her to breathe, and she hated the fact that he never listened. She had tried to make him listen. Really, she had tried her best. But the man just won’t listen to her.

So she decided to do something which would make him listen.

That night after dinner, they went to bed. She decided to climb on top of him to show him a good time after tying his hands. He was groaning by the time she took his cock in her mouth. Carefully touching his balls with her hands, she cupped and caressed them with one hand while she sucked him deep inside her mouth.

He was groaning and begging her to do more when she made her move. Quickly, she sat on his thighs, and squeezed his cock, hard, between her fingers.

He yowled and arched off the bed, stunned at the sudden change in scene. It was painful and he was suddenly only too alert of her on top of him. “What are you doing?”

“Since you won’t listen to me, dear husband, I am going to teach you a lesson in humility you will not forget anytime soon.” She said as she gripped his balls in a viselike grip and squeezed hard. She was going to give him a ballbusting that would leave him weeping and trembling and he will never forget her face, she promised herself. He had slapped her today, and if she did not take control of the situation, who knows what he would do next. She squeezed his balls in her hand and with her other hand, squeezed his cock.

“That hurts!”

“Good! I hope it does!” She said viciously, her face twisting in pleasure. He tried to get out of the bed, but realized that she had tied him before the ballbusting began. Now he started sweating as he watched her take out a whip from the bedside drawer.

“Now sweetheart, you know that I care about you, right? I’m your husband! Don’t you do that to me!”

She smiled, her face intent on ballbusting him. She lightly tapped the whip against his balls, and his entire body tensed. She took aim and brought the whip directly on top of his balls, making a sound which was like a “splat!”

He arched from the bed and howled at the pain.

She continued to beat his balls. Splat, splat, splat sounds interpolated with sounds of him groaning and crying, and she took savage pleasure in seeing his balls develop red weal all over it. He was crying and begging by the tenth hit, and by the twentieth, she had effectively reduced him to whimpers. His ballbusting was complete and she reveled in the fact that he was totally helpless under her.

“Now that you have been suitably chastised, I will tell you what to do, and if you don’t follow exactly what I said, I will be ballbusting you every night.” She smiled cruelly as she slid beside him in bed, and gulping, he nodded his assent.

10/03/2013 - 10:11

They were waiting for me to go inside while they stood outside the glass case. In this game, there were no gender specified… fighters from all parts of the town were here – both male and female, and I was just one of many. I would be told 30 seconds before my opponent entered the glass box just who was it I was going to fight today. And I was waiting for whoever it was – man, woman or beast.

They did allow a beast in sometimes. Boars and wolves mainly. Once, someone made the mistake of putting a Cheetah in. The poor opponent didn’t know what hit him. However, in 2053, the number of animals is so low that they are mostly forbidden from these fields. Of course, at these cages, many time things will happen to you that’s worse than being debauched by animals. Many times, fallen fighters were raped and tortured right before the eyes of the audience. There was a 30-minute shut-off time, and during this time the fighters could do anything. If someone subdued the other within the first few moments, they could jolly well rape, torture or mutilate the fallen fighter. It was all part of the game.

I looked down at my strong, muscular body, big breasts and solid thighs. It was the kind of body people loved – a sign of strength, courage and stealth. I looked at the watch – one minute to go. I began to psych myself for winning, prepared myself for whoever entering this glass cage. I could see eager faces pressing against the walls of the cage, and I felt the familiar excitement push my body high.

I sort of loved ballbusting, and hoped for a man to enter. My favorite thing to do was to knee a man and then flip him on his back to crush him as I saw fit. A ballbusting would always get me high afterwards, and I would carry off the first person who would stand in my path most of the time, and use him/her shamelessly for my cause.

The entrance on the opposite end suddenly jerked open, and a huge man stood there. He was darkly built, his hair long and in a braid, and he looked mean. As he stared at me, I knew this one was going to be trouble, so I decided to use my stealth and my courage to fight. He came at me, and I swiftly danced around, jumping out of his path, playing. He snarled, and swiped at me. One blow and I knew I would be a goner if more such came my way. So I carefully picked and chose my moves – by being vicious and mean, and at the same time cruel, I have fought my way out of everything. Now I decided to do the same here. Targeting his body, I ducked under a crushing jab, and punched him straight in the balls.

The man howled in pain, but unlike most people I have been ballbusting, he did not fall down. Alarmed, I punched him twice more right there, and while he was dazed, kicked him squarely between his legs.

He screamed at that, and finally fell to the floor on his knees. His hands slowly went to cover his crotch, and I took the opportunity to go behind him and hit him between his legs. He screamed once again, and fell face down at the painful ballbusting, and I hit his side with my foot again. However, I knew, with a man like this, I would have to be quicker, so I kicked between his legs again and again, my legs hitting his soft muscles. He twisted, turned, but he could not get to me. Finally, he turned over for a flash, and I put my foot right on top of his balls and crushed them down to the floor, which suddenly knocked him unconscious.

I looked at the clock. Fifteen minutes have passed, and I was finished with him after his severe ballbusting.

I smiled and turned him over. Now for some real torture…

10/01/2013 - 21:09

He was just some guy from Facebook I have asked to meet up, but he had a fetish for Japanese porn and I was pretty much into it too, so we decided to meet up to see how things went. As it happened, he wasn’t my type at all, so I politely refused his invitation back to his place and decided to leave. He stared at me for a few seconds before smiling. I did not like the smile. It was not very pleasant. However, I knew how to take care of myself, so I decided to let it go. However, when I started to walk back home, I saw that he followed me from a distance.

Like really? You’re going to go all stalker on me? I thought impatiently as I weaved my way in and out of the busy city crowd, changing my directions to see if he followed. He was quite good at the stalking; I had to give him that. I would try to shake him off, but he would still follow me. So I deliberately moved towards the ghetto section of the city, the area where there was more chances of losing him, or getting him in a position where he could be hurt without drawing too much attention. I deliberately weaved through narrow lanes, and slunk into an alley. Within a few minutes, I saw him move past me, and yanked him inside the dark alleyway. He was suddenly too close to me, and I was panting with excitement. I would never sleep with him, but I would teach him a lesson, and thoughts of it made me smile.

He was still unable to comprehend what I was about to do, and before he could actually comprehend, I brought my knee up between his legs and kicked him squarely on his balls. He screamed and fell, yelling at the top of his lungs. I knew that there were no one nearby, so I kicked him again, crushing his balls firmly, my lust for a ballbusting taking over. I was sick and tired of psychos who thought they could get away with anything, and my ire fell squarely on this fellow.

There was a single moment’s doubt inside my head, which went away as he said, “Bitch… you fucking little bitch…” as he fell. She doubled his fist, went down, and squarely brought it down on his balls. He screamed again, and this time, he did not hesitate to cover his balls as she raised her fist again to strike.

“You were following me… I could sense you were. Do you know what I do to stalkers?” He squirmed as he saw her raise her fist again. She smiled, and brought her fist down once again, and he screamed. Her anger was now intense as she knew her suspicions were correct – he would have hurt her if he got her alone, and that fuelled the ballbusting.

She slapped him once, and he said, “I was just gonna have some fun with you… you looked sexy and it looked like you wanted it.” She slapped him again. “How would I know… you would turn out to be a ballbusting tart?”

She grabbed his balls and this time, she did not hesitate to squeeze it tightly. She had the satisfaction of knowing that he was badly affected as he squirmed and begged her to let go, to end the ballbusting. Loving the moment of power, she unzipped him quickly, and ignoring his flaccid cock, which was now red from pain, she grabbed his tender balls, and pinched them roughly. He squealed and she crushed them between her fingers, and he screamed again as she slapped them repeatedly.

He was crying now, silent tears were running down his face from the ballbusting. She grabbed his balls tightly in her fist and asked – “will you ever do this again?”

“Never… Never… I promise.” He looked ready to faint.

“Fine.” She got up and decided to walk away. But, just as he thought she was leaving, she turned and directly hit his balls with her foot.

She smiled as the echoes of his howls rang in her ears as she exited the dark alley.

10/01/2013 - 08:14

My boyfriend was a fucking bastard, and this was the worst thing he could have done to me, I thought as I stood shivering outside, in the rain, as I watched him turn off the lights in his apartment, preparing to go to sleep. In the last week, tonight was the first time he was going to bed alone. All the other days I had seen him with random women, partying in my house, eating food out of my cutlery, and drinking my favorite wine. Of course, this was the first time I was discovering all this after a good friend had warned me against his tomcatting nature. I was glad I told him I was going away to my parents’ place to stay with them, and then sneaked back to see what he was up to.

My eyes filled with foolish tears. I was worth more than this. I was worth more than the pain, the sadness, and the infidelity. In fact, I deserved more than this and I knew it. And he was a lying, cheating asshole, and I hated him.

Thank god he was alone tonight.

I gnashed my teeth and stomped across the street and rang the doorbell. No response. I rang the bell two more times, three times, my entire body impatient and angry. I could hear him get up, move about the house and come to the door. By this time, my ire had grown to such a level that I could do anything… and as he opened the door, I was ready.

His face went white with shock when he saw me. But then he realized probably that he was home alone, and it was okay for him to bring me in. Immediately, he recovered, and smiled at me.

I glared at him, and before he could do or say anything, I kneed him in the groin.

Howling with pain, he staggered back inside, and I stalked him, slamming the door behind him. He was crying and moaning, clutching his privates, and it gave me a lot of savage satisfaction to see him fall on his knees in ballbusting pain. I kicked him on the head, and he fell back, his body going limp as his head hit the side of the table.

For a short period of time, I wondered what to do. I knew if I did not restrain him right away, or gag him, he would scream and create a scene. So, I dragged him to our bedroom, still reeking of sex and cigarette smoke, and tied him to the bed. For good measures, I also gagged him, so that when he woke up, he would find himself completely helpless.

After tying him up, I decided to test his pain threshold. I took one clothespin and used it to pinch together some skin between his balls. The pain brought him out of his sleep, and I grinned as I saw him recover, still whimpering, trying to twist away from the ballbusting torture.

I heard his whimpers through the gag, and said, very quietly.

“You have been a very bad boy.”

He groaned. I slapped his balls lightly, and watched his cock start to get interested, despite the pain.

I slapped his balls again, this time directly on the clothespin. He whimpered in pain, and his cock went limp as sweat popped out all over his body.

“You know what I will do now?”

He shook his head, his groans become mewls of pain. I smiled cruelly and hit his cock with my palm, and then took his left ball, and pulled it away from his body. His body arched with the ballbusting pain, and I could feel him shaking and groaning.

Letting go, I got up.

I stood between his spread legs, and my foot crushed down upon his balls, making sure I crushed them right under my powerful foot. He screamed against his gag from the ballbusting, and whimpered. I slammed my foot again and again, till I felt him go unconscious from the ballbusting, and then I got down from the bed, and left. I would come back tomorrow for more torture, but tonight, this was good enough.

09/30/2013 - 21:07

Raoul was a friend who I did not like much. He was that kind of a guy who would take advantage of you when you’re drunk, trying to kiss your mouth as you tried to sidle away from him. He was the kind of guy who would come on to you on the day you were down, sad, and pathetically grateful for some male company.

In short, Raoul was an opportunist, and he had just taken advantage of my best friend.

She was currently sleeping in my room after a long crying session, where she had confessed that Raoul had charmed her into his bed, but when she had said no to him, he had turned ugly, and then proceeded to have sex with her even if she said no. She had run from him in the last moment, otherwise, it would have been a rape. And as she was seen leaving the pub in his car, she did not have an alibi that would slam this bastard into jail.

However, she did have a best friend. One who would do anything to make her happy. And that best friend would be doing some ballbusting tonight.

I went over to Raoul’s flat that night. I was wearing a short leather jacket to ward off the cold, with a pair of tight black pants and high heeled stilettoes. I knew that made me look like a sexy biker chick, and I wanted Raoul to feel at ease with that image. He was alone, thankfully, and when he heard who I was, he let me in without any remorse.

“So, she told you, huh, how much she begged and pleaded? Well, I wasn’t gonna take her up on her offer anyway. I don’t like women who’re all over me.” He said as he sidled beside me on the couch. Deliberately, I sent him a smile, and saw his body vibrate with pleasure.

“You look like a girl who appreciates some good male company, right? What do you think? Do I look like I need to ask a woman into my bed?” I cringed inside, for I had thought just that, but he continued. “No sirree, I don’t. I don’t need to ask anyone to my bed. Women come to me naturally. They love me. They just love the way Raoul makes them feel good, you know…?” He looked at me meaningfully again, and I gave a small smile. It was no more than baring my teeth, for I was busy planning a ballbusting, but he did not realize that.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my knee. I looked up, and at him. He was grinning still and I longed to kick them all down his throat. Reaching over, I put a hand right over his crotch. He smiled and relaxed, letting me take his cock and balls out of the confines of his pants. I squeezed the top of his cock with a closed fist. With the other hand, I roughly played with his balls. He must have thought that was good, because he was lying back, his body relaxing and his eyes closed.

Now was the chance! With my fingers, I gripped his balls, and, getting up, I pulled him up by the balls right from his sofa. He screamed, and tried to knock my hands away, and, taking this opportunity, I brought my knee up between his legs, ballbusting him.

His scream was violent as he dropped to the floor, crouching, holding his balls. I kicked his side with my high heeled shoes, and I knew with satisfaction that the tip of my shoe had caught his groin, making him double over in ballbusting pain. I turned him over, and crushed my high-heeled foot right over his crotch, and he screamed in pain again.

“If. I. Ever. See. You. Touch. Another. Girl. Again. Without. Asking. Her. Permission. First. I. Will. Cut. Off. Your. Balls.” Every word of the sentence was punctuated with a grinding of his balls against his groin, and when I said balls, I drove the high stiletto heel right between his balls. He groaned in ballbusting pain and fainted. I looked at him in disgust, but before he could wake up, I picked up my things and left. This was a punishment he would remember for years.

09/29/2013 - 21:15

He crammed a note under her door and ran away after ringing the bell. From behind a bush, he watched as she picked up the note and read through it. She searched with her eyes, looking around, her sharp gaze staring at the bush he was hiding behind for a second more than it felt comfortable, but then she turned her gaze elsewhere, and he sighed a breath of relief.

He really liked her. He really really really liked her. But he was stupid and he did not want to hurt her. But while he did not want to hurt her, he did want to make sure she knew he was there… always watching her. Always wanting her. But she would never know who he is. Not unless he chose to reveal himself. Not unless she fell in love with him, and he hoped his notes would do the trick.

Of course, they might not. But they might as well.

He turned his attention to her once again, his mind briefly detracted thanks to the dirty thoughts in his mind. She had disappeared. He tried to peer and see where she had gone, but suddenly he froze when he felt the cold tip of a gun hit his temple.

“Put your hands where I can see them, pervert.”

He recognized the voice. It was her. He dared not look at her, but he knew it was no one else but her. She had that presence and that voice that could freeze anyone. Just like it had frozen him.

“Get up.”

He got up.

“Walk inside that house.”

He walked, the revolver stuck against his head. He was starting to feel afraid, very afraid, but he decided to see what she would do. He entered the house, and heard the door slam behind him. Gulping, he tried to turn, but the butt of the revolver hit his head, and he saw stars. Still he stood, and looked at her.

She lowered her pistol slightly. He saw the chance and clumsily moved towards her. Suddenly, his world exploded in ballbusting pain. Horrified, he looked down to see her knee retreat from between his legs. He knew then that she had hit him square in the groin, and yes, it hurt like hell. Staring at her in disbelief and pain, he crumpled to the floor.

“I saw you stalking me, pervert, I did.” Her voice was low and mean, and she hissed out the words.

“Pervert!” She accused, and he hung his head, his face downcast. “Fucking dirty little pervert! I am going to give you a ballbusting and you will never mess with any woman again in your life.”

He tried to protest, but she hit his groin squarely again, her booted toe jamming against the tender tissues of his groin. He yelled in agony, and tried to get away from the pain, but she held him down with his foot on his groin. Deliberately, she crushed his balls flat against his crotch. It hurt like hell, and he could feel himself passing out. But just when he thought he would go unconscious, she hit him again, this time right under his balls, and he screamed in ballbusting pain.

“Don’t, please! I just liked you! Don’t please hurt me anymore! I swear, I just liked you!”

She did not hear him. Rather, she hit him again, and he felt his balls virtually explode from the ballbusting pain. He was whimpering and crying, and she was giving it to him good. Now she pointed her pistol at him. He stared at the nozzle of the gun, which was pointed at his balls, and heard her speak.

“Now, perv, if I ever see you around me, ever in my life, I swear I will blow your balls off. The ballbusting I gave you was just a preview. If you ever stalk me, I will make sure you never touch a girl ever again! Now scram!”

He didn’t need to be told twice. Holding his crotch in his hands, he scrambled up and ran out of the door, his body hurting and screaming in protest. She watched him go, and relaxed finally as she saw him fade away.

09/29/2013 - 21:13

Work was killing me, and I hated every minute of it. My boss was an asshole who had the habit of constantly staring at my boobs, and it was really annoying how cheesy he would sound when he tried to pick me up. I was thoroughly disgusted by his attitude and wanted nothing to do with him. However, it seemed to the rest of the people that I was the office favorite, and my boss would find excuses to keep me working late when he breathed down my neck.

Till now, I had not filed a sexual harassment case simply because I had nothing concrete against him. But I knew that one day he would go too far and I would really nail him, and give him a ballbusting which has been coming to him for long.

And one day I did get the opportunity when he asked me to work with him late at night. He was the kind of boss who would want his subordinates to do everything for him, and after too many requests for coffee and files, I was about to give up when I felt him close behind me. His fingers touched my bottom swiftly, and lingered for a second longer than needed. I looked back and he smiled insolently, thinking that I would not get it. I looked at him warningly, and went back to work.

Again I felt the same touch on my bottom. This time my temper got better of me. “Please move away, sir. You are crowding me.” I said with stiff formality.

He inched closer, not aware of the ballbusting I had planned for him.

“You’re a pretty lady…” He began. But just then he stopped smiling and started choking. Because at that point I had reached forward and grabbed hold of his cock through his pants. My fingers were cruel as they snatched at his cock and balls, and his eyes bulged as he thought of all the things I could do to him.

“I-I-I…” He started to protest as I squeezed roughly, and his hands went to defend himself. I immediately brought my knee up between his legs and his him squarely in the middle of his family jewels.

He went down silently, his entire body shuddering in ballbusting pain, and I felt a savage thrill go down my spine. Although I was a very non-violent person in general, I hated being taken advantage of, and being helpless. He had given me an opportunity to vent out my anger, and at that point, I hated him for many reasons, and all my anger focused on to that one portion of his anatomy which I could hurt. I hit him again between his legs, my shoe aiming perfectly for his balls. He screamed, and I slapped him.

“Be quiet! Or I will cut off your balls, you perverted fucker! You think I don’t notice the way you letch at me and the rest of the girls? You think I don’t see how other women flinch from you?” I yanked his head up by the hair, and delivered a hard kick between his thighs again. He groaned, but wisely kept shut, because he knew that more pain would await him if he screamed. I was starting to enjoy this ballbusting, so I made him look into my eyes.

“I will tell you what I want change in this office, and if you don’t follow what I say to the dot, I will kick you till you are dead.” He understood, and shook his head in assent, his eyes wide with fear and pain. To emphasize, I gave him another kick, and he moaned piteously at the ballbusting pain.

“If you ever, I repeat, ever, do something like this to any woman in your office, any woman at all, I will hunt you down, and cut off your balls. Do you understand?”

He jerked his head in affirmation. I kicked him, straight between his legs, crushing the tip of the shoe on his balls. His eyes rolled back as he fainted, and then I could see a trickle of water between his legs.

My work done, I walked out of the office with a cruel smile on my face. Tomorrow will see a lot of changes in our boss, and I was responsible for it.

09/29/2013 - 21:03

Crying never got anyone anywhere, I thought disgustedly, as they brought the new boy in. I was standing among the crowd, trying to figure out which boy I would buy for my next romp, and this one was probably not the one I needed. However, he was pretty good to look at, with shiny white teeth and blonde hair. He looked to be no more than eighteen, but when auctioned, they said he had seen twenty-two summers. His thin body and sniffles did not earn him any favor, in this country, women liked strong men.

Unless they were like me, and liked them soft and malleable, to be prepared for a ballbusting before they were sold off to other people. And when I bid for him, he looked so pathetically grateful that for a few seconds I felt guilty of what I was doing.

But then, I did not want to feel guilty. This boy would be mine before nightfall. He would wear my mark after the ballbusting pain he would go through.

My household was filled with servants, and when I brought in pleasure slaves, most of my servants came watching. I preferred keeping young girls and boys as my slaves, and when they grew older, they either joined my rank of servants, or were freed. I was fair in my dealings, and after the initiation, I treated most of my slaves well. Of course, unless they did not want me to treat them well.

So when my newest acquisition was washed, dressed and brought to me in the night, I merely watched him as he stood in front of me, his head modestly downcast like a maiden.

“Look at me.” I said softly. He did. He looked up at my face, and then, down my body. At forty, I maintained my body and did not let it run to fat, so he saw a trim woman wearing an azure-blue see-through garb which hid nothing. His eyes focused on my groin and then on my breasts, and I knew he liked what he saw.

“Come here and pleasure me, slave!” I commanded. He immediately bent down to me, and crawled over to the cushions, on top of which I reclined.

His eyes were downcast, and he was unsure of what to do. Within a few seconds, I was on top of him and he was under my body. I could feel his manhood strain against my groin as undulated on top of him, and he swallowed audibly and pleaded me for more.

Slowly, I reached down and grasped his cock in one hand. With my other hand, I held his balls. At this point, he was not aware of my intentions of ballbusting him, so he moaned, anticipating pleasure.

I pinched his left ball painfully, leaving him gasping all of a sudden.

“Stay down!” I growled, as my fingers tightened on his balls, and then I took the opportunity to massage his cock with my left hand, while my right hands pinched and pulled his balls. Soon, he was groaning and his cock was fully erect from the mild ballbusting I was giving him. I decided to put him out of his misery and asked him to mount me. His smooth, big cock entered me with slight difficulty; it had been some time since I had put something this big inside me, and he pounded me enthusiastically, his dangling balls hitting my ass as he pulled my legs up and started seriously fucking me.

As I could feel his climax approaching, I gave a little signal. Two of my other slaves came in silently to stand behind him. One held a cane, poised to hit. As soon as his pace turned faster, and faster, I ordered the boy to be caned. I could feel the cane crack against his ass, and every hit made him fuck me harder. His hands gripped my fingers, forcing me down, as his cock turned harder and harder, and he pushed inside me with renewed vigor. I realized I was about to come, and so was he, and closing my eyes, I moaned my delight finally. As soon as his balls started to tighten up, my slave aimed his cane to hit him right on the back of his balls. Immediately, he came inside me, triggering off my own orgasm at his ballbusting pain. He groaned, screamed, and fucked me harder, his body weight fully on me, and his mouth ground down on mine as I screamed my orgasm. He collapsed on top of me, his cock still twitching inside me, flaccid and slimy.

I closed my eyes and smiled. It was brilliant, and I loved every moment of it, and my new slave. He was probably going to stay.

09/29/2013 - 21:02

There was no one in the room but her. He watched her from a distance, knowing that she would be a very easy target. His body was hot and heavy, his arousal already big and aching as he thought what he would force the girl to do to him. A fragile flower, she would be perfect for the time when he would fuck her, her body twisting under him in rejection while he spread her legs and forced her to accept his cock inside her tender orifices.

Suddenly, she looked up.

“Who’s there?” She asked carefully. Her face was alarmed and slightly tense.

No one answered. She relaxed for a second. But then he decided to come to her and make her see who he was right away.

She looked up as the tall man with the beer belly came in. He looked mean. But she was not afraid. She might look like a flower, but she had enough martial arts training to do a good bit of ballbusting. People often saw her and thought she was a fragile person, but she was a deadly little bitch who could unman someone in 20 seconds flat.

He did not know that, though. Her senses told her so. He was way too confident, his walk was a lot of swaggering insolence and she hated his guts. So when he came near, she looked up and asked, “What do you want?”

The man grinned at her tone. “I want you, my doll. I want you.”

Warily, she looked around for a few seconds and gauged her escape routes. There was only one door, and if she had to go out, she would have to go through him, ballbusting him or otherwise. He looked way too confident and was smirking too much for her liking, so she decided to teach him a real lesson.

“I-I don’t want you, so stay back!” She warned.

He just smiled and kept coming at her. But she was prepared. When he came close and pulled her over to him into his arms, she sharply brought her thigh and knee up right between his legs. She knew she had hit him hard when his arrogant smile crumpled and his eyes bulged out. His face flushed almost immediately, and as he was slowly dropping to the floor, she kneed him again.

This time he screamed. His voice let out a girlish yell at her ballbusting, and for a brief second she felt a pang of remorse, which was quickly banished when she knew that he would fuck her silly if she wasn’t careful.

So he went down and curled up, twisting and turning to alleviate the pain. She watched with a smirk of satisfaction at the effect her ballbusting has caused, and after a while, laughed out loud. He stared at her with tears in his eyes, and she kicked his hands away from his crotch.

“Please… please no more. It hurts!” He squealed.

She smiled cruelly, and smashed her foot right on his crotch. He whimpered from the further ballbusting pain, his body racked with sobs as she mercilessly crushed his balls right under her shoes.

“Don’t please!” He screamed again, but she was not listening. She repeated the action till he was squirming and pleading and begging for her to stop, but still she did not stop, and soon he passed out from the ballbusting pain in his crotch.

She looked around, found a length of rope, and tied his hands and feet together. Gagging his mouth, she slapped his face, and then tore a piece of paper and wrote the words “rapist” on it, and stuck it on his forehead.

That is how the police found him the next day.

09/29/2013 - 21:01

It had been a tiring day for her, topped by the fact that her boss had chosen to humiliate her in front of the rest of the employees today. He had actually had the offending guts to talk about her latest display in the departmental store she worked in, and had reduced the well-made display into something bad, even though the new display had helped sell off a lot more products than usual. But he was the boss, and he could be a totally ballbusting bastard when he wanted to be, and he was to her, because she would not sleep with him.

The injustice of it made her feel horrible and there was a lot of anger inside her. Just for once, she wanted to be the one who was ballbusting, and not the ones who could be humiliated and harassed.

As she walked the 10 blocks back from work she knew she felt weary, but she decided to save money because it might just come in handy if she was not working in the near future.

Her boss had a tendency of letting people go who offended him or did not listen to him.

* * *

Two times, she looked back to check if someone was following her. Both times, there was no one in sight.

Have I finally lost it? She wondered as she moved in the darkness. Her body was feeling tired but she was not sure how far she could go without having this terrible feeling inside her that someone was following her.

Was it true?

She did not know that. But when she turned a corner, she decided to wait and see what happened. She tapped her foot in the imitation of a walk, fading it away slowly, and waited.

A few seconds later, she could hear footsteps. Short, stealthy steps which made sure they were not heard. Terrified, she shrank back against the wall, and waited till the guy who was following her rounded the corner. As soon as he did, she saw that he was wearing a ski mask, and realized that he intended to hurt her. As soon he saw her, his eyes widened, and he decided to jump on her straight.

Oh no you don’t her body said furiously, but her knee was already up and the full weight of her thighs was behind it as the knee collided with his groin.

He doubled up in pain almost immediately, his body folding in itself in ballbusting pain, as he slowly sank to the pavement. She took this opportunity to box his ears, and his eyes glazed over behind the mask. Using her hands, she pulled off his ski mask, and the guy was too busy protecting his balls to care.

She was staring at her boss, and he was cringing with pain.

“Oh my God! You fucker! You slimeball!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, and then, in her fury, kicked him on his chest. The impact landed him on his back, and she used her left foot to grind his balls against his groin. He screamed in ballbusting pain and whimpered “Please, no more! No more!”

She was past caring. Dragging his head up, she slapped him again and shrieked, “You pervert!” She smacked his face once again, and felt that he was kissing her toes and mumbling, “Please don’t hurt me anymore, please!”

Fuel was added to her fury at the sound, and she deliberately crushed her nuts again, and watched him howl in ballbusting pain. As she watched him, a policeman could be seen around the corner, and she ran to him, leaving her broken and beaten up boss in a lot of pain.

09/29/2013 - 20:58

Rapunzel was a lady with long hair. And she sat in her high tower where she was fed, clothed, and had a great time being with her lady best friend, the witch. The two of them had a lot of fun together, and those who think of witches to be old hags have never met this one. She had a great body and a pair of fantastic tits Rapunzel would love to suck. And well, witches have ways of keeping a woman happy for long hours. So theirs was a fantastic match.

But even two gorgeous lovers get bored sometimes, and that is when entertainment has to be brought on. The world that these two women inhabited was quiet and nice, but at times they wanted some fun. So there would come times when they would want to lure someone in. A handsome man would pass, and Rapunzel would look at him longingly, asking him to rescue her from her high tower. She would tie her hair in a braid, and then ask the gentleman in question to come up. And then the two women would have some fun time before letting the man go.

But then, there must be exceptions that prove the rule. One such was a young woodcutter, who saw Rapunzel’s plight, and raced to help her. Even from afar, he had been charmed by Rapunzel’s beauty, and he wanted her, so when she called for help, he climbed up the tower, and jumped inside to find a gorgeous girl with long hair waiting for him.

For some reason that day, the witch was delaying in coming to the party. When the big man climbed in, Rapunzel thought he would be like other men, a courting, nice man who would like some wine and food before jumping into action. However, as soon as this one got inside, he immediately turned towards her, and gripping the front of her dress, pulled down sharply and tore it, exposing her big, white breasts. Before she could let out a squeak, he had pressed her against the wall, and was smothering her mouth with his big, rough mouth, his tongue forcing inside and his teeth nipping her lower lip. His hands captured hers in one strong grip, and then, using one hand to force her arms over her head, he used the other hand to bunch up the bottom of his dress.

The next thing she knew, he was forcing his way inside her tender pussy with his thick, long cock. She tried to scream and bite him, for she knew this was too rough for her but he was relentless. He used his strong hands to hold her while his cock pounded her swollen pussy and tore at it.

She couldn’t scream or shout, and her legs did nothing more than dangle uselessly. Seeing this, grabbed her ass, spun her around, and pulling his cock out of her, turned her over on the bed, and forced her down as he poked her from behind, his heavy balls hitting her thighs as his cock rammed her tender insides.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp swat on his balls. Surprised and in slight pain, he turned his head to one side to see a gorgeous, older woman holding a thin whip and tapping it against his balls. In her other hand was a pistol, and it was aimed straight at his head.

“Keep fucking her, or I will blow your brains out.” The lady was a cold one, and she was tapping her whip against his balls. He flinched because he knew this would be a ballbusting session, but he could not stop. Still fucking the girl under him, he used his left hand to arch her spine and pull her up, and with his other hand, he pinched her nipple sharply. She let out a short scream, and he felt a direct hit on his balls, and his body doubled in ballbusting pain. Viciously, he twisted her nipple and pinched it harder, and she screamed more, her body clenching his milking cock harder. He thrust her down again, and fell on him, his body waiting for the next blow while his cock swelled harder.

The third hit was harder, and he could feel his tender balls bunch up in pain as she hit him again. His cock was now very hard and he was about to come, thanks to the ballbusting on one end and the sweet pussy in another. He knew, the harder the ballbusting, the rougher he could be on the girl under him, so he pushed his dry thumb inside her asshole, ramming it in, making the girl feel the thick digit inside her tender anus. She whimpered and squirmed, and he felt yet another strong ballbusting hit right between his balls.

His eyes rolling back in pain and pleasure, he came right inside the girl, his hands pulling cruelly at her hair. She screamed out her orgasm too, and he was flooded by it. As soon as he started coming, he felt a very hard hit right over his left ball, and he came harder, emptying himself inside the girl all the way through. Fully drained, he slumped on top of the exhausted girl, and went limp as he lost consciousness.

Just before he lost consciousness, he thought he heard, “…no, leave him about. We’ll have more fun with him soon.”

09/29/2013 - 20:57

She felt the man stare at her face and body and knew that she was so angry that if she was let out, she would scream and yell and rage and do everything in her power to make sure he would not go unscathed. But such was fate that she was standing here, chained to the wall, while he stared at her nude body. She knew in a few minutes he would debauch her, and every breath she took made her feel angrier.

He was licking his lips now, and his face was close, his body was too close to her, crowding her, and she could feel him breathe into her face. She flinched from the foul breath, but did not turn away, but rather waited for the chance when she could do something about it.

He used the keys to her chains, and freed one of her hands. “Don’t like doing it if the girl don’t fight me,” he muttered as he freed the other one.

As soon as she was free, she had a plan of ballbusting him. She will not give him anything if she could help it, and this seemed to be a good plan. She pressed her body to his, her body swaying, and catching his right hand with her own, she distracted him with her body. While he was distracted, she swiftly brought up her knees right between his legs.

He screamed, clutched onto his man parts, and fell to the floor at the ballbusting move. Then he curled up in a fetal position and cupped his balls protectively with his two hands. She did not wait for him to recover. Rather, taking swift aim, she kicked him again between his buttocks, aiming for the back of his balls. She was happy to hear him groan out loud, his body curling up once again, and he made the fatal mistake of turning over on to his back, his hands still cupping his balls.

Placing her foot right over his hands, she placed all her weight on that feet and watched as he sprang up, and then tried to throw her off of his body. But relentlessly she ground into his balls, her toes digging into his soft flesh. His hands were not acting as protection anymore, instead, they added to the pressure in his groin, and he frantically moved sideways and turned over onto his back to escape her ballbusting torture.

She wasn’t done. As soon as he turned over onto his stomach, she kicked the side of his head. Moaning, he grabbed his own head, and taking careful aim, she kicked him between his legs and her toes were sharply aimed for the underside of his balls. With that hit, she could feel his entire body freeze into another dimension of pain, and had the satisfaction of knowing that she had hit him so bad that he was not going to take advantage of any woman anytime soon. He whimpered and cowered and said, “Stop, stop please! No more! Please! No more! It hurts so bad!”

“Where are my clothes?” She asked sharply to the whimpering figure.

“In the next room. P-P-Please don’t hurt me. Please.” He sniveled, his voice sounding faint. She knew she had hurt him badly, and she wanted to hurt him more, but she knew she had no time to do that right away.

She relented and let him go, but before leaving, gave his balls one last ballbusting kick. With that, he fainted away, and she grinned in savage satisfaction as she left the cell in search of her clothes and freedom.

09/24/2013 - 16:35

“Lots of ballbusting today”, she declared with a grin. He looked down to check if his own balls were okay, then at her as he munched on the celery stick from his Bloody Mary.


She smiled. “I had to tell those idiots to not do certain things without my permission. They forgot to take permission. In fact, they were stupid and needed guidance. I busted them today. Saw three guys just run off like crazy after I had finished with them in the boardroom.”

He liked the girl he was looking at. In her end twenties, she was smart, confident, arrogant, and a complete and utter bitch when she wanted to be. He had slept with her, and she was good, but he wanted more. He had been a bit of a pain slut for some time, and he had no idea how to tell her about it.

“So, wanna go to my place and fuck?”

He agreed. Soon they were on their way to her place in his car. He realized he just could not think beyond ballbusting, and how it would be with her. With that power, this girl would reduce any man into a sniveling dog.

They entered her apartment. She lit the room with a single dim light, and sat down on a plush, comfortable sofa. He sat beside her, and they began to make out.

After some time, and a few discarded items of clothing, she suddenly said, “Babe, can I ask you something?”


“Yeah, now.”

“Shoot.” He was impatient, but he wanted to hear her. Even though she was holding his cock.

“Babe, I couldn’t help but notice the interest in your eyes when you heard the word ballbusting. Is it something you like?”

He was speechless, but she must have felt his cock twitch, because suddenly her grip became strong, and vise-like.

“So you DO like that, don’t you? You love to be ballbusted, right?” She squeezed his penis and with her other hand, reached down and grabbed a ball.

He was starting to feel the familiar pain and excitement, but he still hesitated. “N-No.” His denial was feeble and pathetic, and she squeezed harder. He squealed like a little girl and tried to get up, but she twisted her hand, gripping him tight, and he pleaded, even as his cock grew hard, “No, no, I don’t like this at all! Please let me go, please. I don’t like this—“

“Liar!” She cut him off with one vicious word. He shut up as she roughly pumped his cock and pinched his ball sack. He could feel his body start to warm up to her, and the twin sensation of pain and pleasure was making this ballbusting a surprisingly pleasurable one.

He knew his body was going to come and come hard soon as she tugged his cock up and down. Relentlessly she pushed him, leaning over his body while he leaned back against the sofa. Her sleek body started to brush against his as she closed the distance between them while manipulating his cock and balls, and he was not surprised, when she suddenly turned and swung her leg over his head, positioning herself for a 69. However, it was clear that in this 69, he would not be sucked. Instead, he would be hurt.

She sat on his face, smothering his mouth and nose, making it difficult for him to breathe. He licked at her slit, using his fingers to push inside her slick channel, and then used the same finger to rim her asshole, thrusting it in and out of her shallowly. She moaned, and to retaliate, spanked his balls while wetting the tip of his cock with her tongue. In vengeance, he rammed his finger inside her asshole.

She spanked him harder, and the more she spanked, the more he ignored the pain and rammed first one and then two fingers in her ass while she was ballbusting him soundly. He could feel her pussy start to clench, so he increased the speed of his and mouth and felt her mouth furiously suck his cock while slapping his balls in a rhythm.

He felt himself coming, and he used his free hand to hold her mouth to his exploding cock while he came down her throat. She choked, gagged, and punched his balls, and he came again and again, the pain intensifying his orgasm tenfold. She came as well, in great shuddering heaves, and flopped limply over him.

They did not move for a long time afterwards.

Then she got up, and said, “let’s go to the bedroom. I have a few things to show you.”

09/24/2013 - 16:25

She was bored, and she was looking for someone to irritate or hurt. She went to her club, and looked around for her favorite sub who she adored ballbusting, but he was nowhere to be seen. Frustrated and annoyed, she was just about to give up when her eyes fell into the “new members” section of the club, where a man of around 34-35 was sitting and staring at her. There was something about him that drew her, and she decided quickly on her next course of action. She wanted to sleep with him, and do things with him which were well-within the rules of this exclusive club, meant for “special” needs people, and she quickly wrote her demands, and sauntered to one of the rooms of the club reserved specifically for premium members such as her.

About 10 minutes later, she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in!” She commanded.

He stood in the doorway for a second, then came in and closed the door behind him. The lock slid in automatically, and now he had no way of getting out without her letting him go. He knew the drill, but then, everyone who joined this club, did.

“Strip.” She was precise with her words.

He stripped everything off, and stood on the buff. She admired his body for a second. A nice, lean, yet good looking body, with a nice sized cock, but big, plump balls. Balls she would love to play with, she decided immediately.

“Crawl to me.” She spread her legs and her short skirt hiked up to show she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, giving him a glimpse of her shaved, plump pussy. He dropped to his knees and crawled to her. When he was in nose level with her crotch, she pulled him in, and his tongue lapped her cunt immediately.

He was pretty good at this, she thought, as he licked and sucked her and she could feel an orgasm build up. She did not let it fade, but rather allowed him to give her a climax, her body shuddering in fulfillment.

As soon as she came, she asked him to lean back. Then, she put her right foot right over his balls, and pressed down. He moaned, the hurt really not registering in his state of arousal. Now fully erect, his cock was about 9 inches long, and he was looking forward to put it in her hole, when she suddenly used her foot to kick him in the balls.

He screamed, but the soundproof room did not let any noise out. He fell back, grabbing his groin, and moaned, his eyes closing against the ballbusting pain. She got up, and walked to him, standing between his legs. Using her left foot, she pressed them against his protecting hands and kicked them away. He protested, but when she lifted her foot warningly, he removed his hands. She examined his groin, and then pressed her foot down on his tender balls.

He groaned again, closing his eyes and said, “Please, please don’t hurt me anymore.”

She kicked him lightly on the underside of the balls and watched him whimper as she did a ballbusting. He was sick with pain, she knew. Crouching down, she grabbed hold of his cock tightly, and with her other hand, rubbed his balls, trying to relieve him of the pain. He twitched, and his cock soon started to twitch with arousal. Very soon, he was erect again, and trying to come. She decided to alternate the rubbing of the balls with spanks, and he started moaning within a minute.

The ballbusting pain was excruciating, yet she knew he was so aroused that he would come at any point. She tightened her grip on his cock, and then tugged onto it hard. He started to squirm, and moan, and suddenly she slapped his balls very hard, and he came with a rush from the ballbusting, his spunk squirting up in a high arc and spreading all over his stomach, and he moaned and cried and twitched helplessly as she pumped him ruthlessly. She milked every drop, and then watched him as he opened his eyes.

09/23/2013 - 16:23

It was a stormy night, and I was returning home from work. As it was only about 2 kilometers, I preferred walking back, and I was hurrying today, since I had a few things on my mind. That was perhaps why I did not hear it when hands pulled me into an alleyway. I felt my body against a warm male one, and he was grabbing me with all his might, his right hand over my mouth.

However, although surprised, I was not totally out of my wits. Self-defense classes came to my rescue and I immediately butted my head back, and his head snapped back at the impact. As I knew my assailant was big, I decided to stomp on his instep and hit his solar plexus, but he was holding my hands too tight for me to do that and I wasn’t wearing heels, so the instep thing did not work. Frantically, I thought of my next move while struggling with him.

Suddenly a thought came to my head, and I went all limp on him. My body sagged totally, and I could feel his grip relax slightly. I immediately twisted and elbowed him in the solar plexus. Turning around, I pushed my knee up right between his legs till I hit his groin and heard him groan out loud as he fell to the floor, victim of a massive hit to his balls.

I was a ballbusting expert when I was taking the self-defense classes, and I was really angry at this fellow. While he fell to the ground and curled up, I could see him faintly in the low light, but I wanted to identify him, so I took my iPhone out and took photos of his face and body and then decided that I would immediately report him to the police.

But before reporting, why not have fun, said something in my head.

As he sort of started to recover, I kicked his side. He turned over to his side. This was what I was looking for, this gave me an opportunity to give him the ballbusting of a lifetime, so hard that he would never forget it or mess with women.

I knelt down at his whimpering form, and grabbed his pants. Pulling down the zipper fly, I released his shrunk cock and abused balls and squeezed the already very tender balls roughly. He gave a short scream, and I cut it off with a rough whack to his side, and then he only whimpered over and over again.

I roughly pinched his balls and twisted them, giving him a ballbusting that he would never forget. At first, he whimpered and pleaded with me to let him go, but then I could see that his cock was stirring, although unwantedly, but still was getting erect from the pain and abuse I was doling out. I smiled and crushed his balls in my palm, stretching the skin as I pulled one out and then the other. His body arched, and his cock stiffened to a massive erection, and with my other hand I started to give him a rough handjob.

He was not immune to my ministrations, and soon, the twin effect of ballbusting and handjob was making him beg and plead me for more, more pain, and faster hand. I did both, and he came, ejaculating jet after jet of warm come all over my hands and all over himself. He was sniveling and crying as he ejaculated, and I gave him a right slap between his balls. He came harder and more jets of come came swirling out, and I saw his head loll back as he went unconscious.

Pleased with my ballbusting, I got up and left him moaning in the alley while I walked to the police station to report him.

09/22/2013 - 16:21

I was the pizza guy and I did not generally like waiting for his money, but this was the last order, and I was in no hurry. Plus, the woman who had just invited me inside her home was in her early forties, curvy, and to me, quite sexy. At 22, I am not inexperienced, but my shy nature and glasses make me look timid, which, probably, I was. However, I do like women, and I do have a thing for older, hot, big breasted women, especially if the same woman would be on top of me, giving me her cunt. I loved it when women dominated me, and dreamed of the day when one of them would truly subjugate me, giving me a spanking or a ballbusting, and make me hurt good.

And I hoped one day it would come true.

“Would you like to share the pizza?” I started as the smooth voice of the woman came to me. I did not know what to say at first, but then I smiled and accepted. Soon we were sharing a bottle of red wine and eating straight out of the pizza box with our hands. She looked deep into my eyes, and asked questions about my life. Soon, the questions turned towards more intimate details, and although embarrassed, I was also quite excited.

She looked hot, and she loved listening to me, and I wanted to soak her aura in. In fact, she had dimmed the lights, and I started to fantasize what would happen if she would start coming on to me. Will she be aggressive or passive, I wondered? Would she love to give me a ballbusting, or would she love her pussy spanked? Thinking of that hot pussy spread all over my face made my mouth water.

I realized I was staring at her breasts, and when I looked up, she looked grim. I gulped. Very deliberately, she raised one hand and put it over my crotch, and my eyes fluttered shut as I felt her soft finger caress my erection. She took that as her signal to open my pants and touch me some more, and her fingers drifted up and down the shaft, caressing my cock and balls.

She started to touch me, but then suddenly told me to follow me to her bedroom. I got up and eagerly followed her, anticipating a night of fun.

As soon as I entered the room, her demeanor changed. She immediately turned to the bedside table and asking me to undress, brought out a clamp. She used the clamp on the tip of my penis and I yelled out in painful surprise. Immediately she punched me in the balls, and I fell to the bed, my head exploding in pain. As I was moaning from my sudden ballbusting, she climbed on top of me, and hiking up her dress, pressed her cunt right on my face.

I was helplessly licking her, as she grabbed my now-limp cock, and took off the clamp. The pain was immediate and worse, and she started handling my badly abused balls in her cold fingers. I was crying from the pain while licking her. But it seemed she was now touching me fondly, her fingers light and gentle after the ballbusting experience. Her ministrations quickly brought me to another arousal, and this was more than the last because this time pain also affected me a lot.

She suddenly pinched my balls, and pulled on one. I was again transported back to hurt land, and I whimpered in sudden pain. She was back in her ballbusting mode, and I felt humiliated and hurt and it excited me to no end. My cock twitched in anticipation of pleasure and pain, and I suddenly felt the tip of her tongue touch the tip of my penis, as she gave my balls a hard tug.

I came immediately, lots of come streaming out of my body, and she smiled at the sight her ballbusting had created. She got off of me, and then walked to the closet.

“Clean yourself up,” she instructed, “You have a lot more to do tonight.”

09/21/2013 - 16:19

The new aide was very pretty, he noticed on his first day. But she seemed aloof. Very aloof. He loved women who were aloof. When he went to his secret club, there was a woman who loved putting him on a leash and taking him for walks around the club while other members would look at him and laugh or sneer.

The experience was humiliating and exhilarating to him. Often, she would also give him a ballbusting, claiming that he was not ready for more. But he was getting bored of her play and he saw suddenly a vision and realized it was the new aide.

The next few days, he watched her, and talked to her a few times. She was polite, but distant. He wanted her. He wanted her to hit him, slap him, kiss him, but he kept it all to himself.

But one day she took him in her hands. Literally.

That day began like any other, and he was working late. She suddenly came into his room. He was startled, but before he could ask her to sit, she said, “Stand up.”

He stared at her, but obeyed. He could not help but listen to the tone of her voice. He did not know what had come upon her, but he liked it.

“I know you have been looking at me, and I have been informed of the way you are treated in your club.”

He started. He did not know how his activities were leaked out, but he was quite afraid that it might ruin his career if people at work knew.

She apparently thought so too, because she smiled cruelly. Within a few short minutes, he found himself stripped of all his clothes, and bent over the desk, all set for a ballbusting.

He was shivering as the cold air in the office hit him. But he was also horny and excited and he waited eagerly for her to touch him. She did that, her fingers caressing her buttocks, opening the cheeks up to look at his asshole, and then venturing down to touch the little nerve right between his anus and balls.

He could not help it and moaned out loud as she did that. Immediately, he felt a sharp swat on his left buttock. Pained, he whimpered at the sudden attack, and groaned as she whacked him again and again. His body jerked as with her other hand, she reached down and pulled on his balls, and he knew this was way more than the gentle slaps on his balls that woman in the club had given him. He whimpered at his ballbusting humiliation, and felt her twist and pinch his balls.

Tears were close, when she stopped spanking him, and started rubbing the cheeks with her hand. Her other hand suddenly left his balls, and started massaging his cock. The twin caress after his hard ballbusting started to get him aroused and soon he had a major erection.

He felt her body suddenly behind him, as she pulled him up by his hair, and now had both her hands on his body from behind. With one hand she pulled and tugged his penis rhythmically, milking it hard, and with the other she forced his balls, pinching and twisting them. That was too much for him to take, and the twin assault, along with the fact that a warm woman’s body was pressed behind him made him groan out loud as he hit an orgasm.

She watched him calmly, and released him after milking every drop of come, and leaving him fully satisfied after the incredible ballbusting he had been given.

09/20/2013 - 16:18

It was a dark downtown alley where he knew he was about to die. There were no one around him, and two dark figures surrounded him. His young body trembled like a leaf as he saw them come towards him, their faces dark, their body covered in layers of clothes.

They flashed a knife and his entire body froze with fear. He was scared to the boots and nearly wet his pants when the knife came to rest on his neck. His heart beat frantically as he saw the knife approach him, and gulped and stared at the unseen attackers. Suddenly, he felt fingers on his fly, touching his male organ through his clothes, but he knew he could not do a single thing about it. He could not even breathe, let alone move, and so he let the fingers unzip his pants and with one rough jerk, his pants and underwear were at his ankles, and he was left nude from the waist down.

He felt sweat pop as the knife pressed slightly deeper and he could feel a little nick. A strangled sound came from his lips.

One of the attackers whispered to him. “Keep quiet, and don’t you say a word. One word from you and you’re dead. Do you understand?” The knife pressed deeper, threatening, and he nodded. Fingers now explored his genitalia, and his eyes widened as he felt a hand cup his balls in a soft hold. Involuntarily, even though he was afraid, he moaned.

The hand immediately tightened on his balls, and his moan was cut off abruptly as a hand slammed over his mouth. The voice whispered again – “told you to keep quiet! But you won’t listen, will you?”

He could feel his balls being squeezed hard, and he dared not shout. He just wanted to be alive, and if they wanted a ballbusting, he was going to do anything to make them happy just as long as they left him alone. He stood frozen as his balls were crushed and squeezed mercilessly, and tears sprang to his eyes because he really hurt badly.

But at the same time, he was also feeling horny. All that attention to his poor balls was making him frisky, and when one ball sack was twisted in the smooth grip, he threw back his head and finally closed his eyes, giving in to the exquisite pain and pleasure of this ballbusting.

There was a small sound and suddenly was forced to lie down on the alley floor. He did not protest, but did as they wanted him to. All of a sudden, the one who was holding the knife took off his dark pants. In the faint light of the alley, he saw pale flesh and a smooth pussy, and the next thing he knew, that pussy was right over his mouth, and he eagerly opened his lips to tongue it.

Meanwhile, his groin was on fire. Fingers were grabbing and squeezing his balls and his cock, and he felt an excruciating pleasure and pain that overcame him slowly, making his cock erect. The smell of a musty, wet pussy turned him on like anything, and his cock stood in attention, through the pain of his ballbusting. He was sweating and moaning and slurping and he could hear faint moans from the woman on top, and he knew she was enjoying it too. His hands were trapped under him, but he was happy to lick her slit and suck on her clit.

Suddenly she clamped down on his mouth, shuddering, and he knew she was coming. At the same time, the one who was ballbusting him tugged his penis hard, and he could hear himself groan as he came as well. Although it was shameful, he felt exhilarated and happy after the encounter, as his body went lax after his orgasm.

Abruptly, the attackers got up and quickly adjusted clothes. Within seconds they were gone, and he was left lying on the alley, dreaming about the incredible ballbusting experience he had just had.

09/19/2013 - 16:16

The moon was dark and high on the clouds. He walked to the spot where he had been told to wait. There were no sound, except the wind blowing through the trees, and crickets chirping in the dark. He waited with bated breath, waited for her to come to him.

After a long wait, or what could have been minutes, there were noises in the underbrush, which were definitely footsteps. She came in, a small, petite figure, and without a word, held his hand and pulled him in the darkness, her feet sure of their destiny. He knew there would be plenty of ballbusting tonight, and he shivered with anticipation.

“Where are you taking me?” He whispered.

She did not reply.

Soon, he could see a cottage looming up ahead of him, and she was still not speaking to him. Fretfully, he tried to free his hand from her warm grip, but she did not let go. Her small fingers were surprisingly strong as she pulled him after her to the dark cottage. The door was unlocked so they had no trouble getting in.

As soon as he was inside, she closed the door behind him. In the darkness, he could not see anything.

“I am going to light a candle now. By that time, I want you to strip off all your clothes. And by all, I mean everything.”

He was silent, but he realized that he must obey. It was what she wanted, after all.

Quickly he removed all his clothes in the dark. He did not notice where everything went. Meanwhile, he could feel her moving around the cottage in search of something, and soon he could hear her light up the candle. Frantically, he tore through the last of his clothing and stood before her, as bare as a babe.

She turned back. In the faint light of the candle, he could see her face. Her eyes glowed and her lips curved into a cruel smile.

“Perfect.” She pointed towards the narrow cot at the edge of the cottage. He saw that there were cuffs hanging from the edge of the cot. He shivered in anticipation.

She put the candle down on the side of the cot and quickly secured his hands to the cuffs at the edge of the bed. He realized he was now helpless, his body completely bare and exposed, and his cock already aroused painfully. He had no clue what she would be doing to him today, but if it was a ballbusting she wanted, it was what she would get.

She used a finger to gently caress his lips, his neck, his chest, then went down to his quivering stomach, all the way past his groin and down his thigh. Then her finger came up, up again, and circled around his genitals. He squirmed, wanting her fingers on his scrotum, but she seemed to be impervious to his wants. In fact, she was making him wait, and reluctantly, he turned his head away, moaning softly.

Suddenly, one of her hands curled around a ball sac and squeezed.

His eyes bulged, his stomach churned and his whole body came on to full alert as he realized that she had just dug her fingers into his balls, and was in the process of squeezing the hell out of them, giving him the ballbusting of his lifetime.

He tried to buck her off, but her grip did not waver. In retaliation, her grip tightened, and she squeezed hard, and tears of pain appeared in his eyes as she played the ballbuster role to perfection.

He was squirming and moaning and pleading her to let go, stop ballbusting him, when, she pushed her other hand beneath his body and shoved inside his tender asshole.

His body bent off the bed, and he tried to twist as her long nails hurt his asshole, while her fingers dug into her balls. The twin torture made him violently aroused and in a good bit of pain, and he knew he would have no mercy.

Although he pleaded, she did not heed his words, but rather pushed another finger up his dry asshole, and he groaned deeply, his cock absolutely stiff and erect. His body wanted to come but something inside him wanted more, more of something he did not understand.

She abruptly withdrew her fingers from his asshole, making him scream shortly in pain and held his cock in a strong grip. She started a furious rhythm which quickly brought him to the edge of orgasm.

He knew his balls were tightening up under her grasping finger, and she was applying more pressure.

Suddenly she let his balls go, and he felt himself embarrassingly coming all over himself, his stomach, chest covered with jets of his own ejaculation, and she smirked to see it.

Letting go of his flaccid penis, she removed the cuffs.

“Now that the ballbusting is over, let the feast begin.” She said with a grin.

09/18/2013 - 16:14

She entered the room and he looked up to see her. Her eyes were looking around for someone, searching, till they fell on him, and he could not look away as she stared at him. For a few seconds it was as if he had been hit by a truck.

They called her a barracuda and a ballbuster around the office but no one dared talk to her in any other way but with respect. She commanded it. Her eyes were sharp and they escaped nothing. At times, she would take it on her to “teach” someone a lesson, and the man or woman would cower for hours later, refusing to talk about it. However, they would never complain – just say that they were in the wrong, and she was…

She was always right.

Today she jerked her head towards the office while looking at him. He gulped, knowing what she wanted. She wanted him to go to the room and sit down. It was his turn for a “chat”.

Pathetically scared, he put up a brave façade. Held himself strong even though inside him, everything was melting and sweating. For a few seconds he felt he might faint, but then he calmed himself.

Relax! It’s nothing more than a chat.

Nothing more.

But something inside him kept on screaming no.

She smiled a predator’s smile when she allowed him to sit down opposite him. Closing the door, she also locked it. He saw the lock turn. He wanted to stand, but she was having none of that. Softly, she walked all around him, her high heels clicking lightly. This was not going to be good, he realized.

Her breath was on his throat as she bent down behind him and whispered, “Do you know your performance in the last quarter?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he gulped. He had performed badly, he knew.

“Do you know you cost the company nearly 40,000 dollars?”

“Yes – uh… yes Ma’am.” He knew it had been his fault they had lost the lead. He had been confident – too confident. And he had forgotten to follow up. It had been his fault.

“And do you expect the company to sit back and do NOTHING?”

The last words were a shout and he suddenly felt his chair being tilted so fast that he lost his balance, and fell, his legs dangling in the air, into the floor. His head cracked against the back of the chair and it hurt. His legs followed suit and he was suddenly lying in an awkward position.

Before he could straighten himself, he felt the pressure of a pointy high heel on his groin, pressing right down on his family jewels. Frantically, he tried to get up, but the pressure increased to a ballbusting height, and tears of pain came to his eyes.

“Please…” He said hoarsely. She looked mad enough to kill and he was frightened. “Please ma’am I am so sorry!”

The pressure did not ease up at that. In fact, it increased as she ground the toe of her heel on his groin. He felt sweat pop out on his skin and felt humiliated to the core. At the same time, this rampant ballbusting also made his cock swell.

How had she done that? She could feel his cock beneath her heels, but she did not let him up. In fact, a cruel smile was on her face as she realized the power she had right there while ballbusting him.

“Get up.” She said hoarsely. “Get up and unzip your pants. I want to see the little pain slut’s cock that stiffens when I am crushing his balls.”

Her voice snapped him into attention. He got up and immediately unzipped his pants, and his cock and balls dangled in front of him, for the world to see.

“Shame on you for getting horny like this. When I am ballbusting you.”

His cock swelled even further. He hung his head in shame.

She grabbed him by his cock, and pulled him closer. Her other hand went to his balls, and she applied pressure on his tender sack, making him whimper. Her grip was crushing, and yet he felt incredibly horny, an orgasm building up.

“I-I need to come.” He said.

She twisted his balls, and at the same time used her other hand to squeeze his cock. He whimpered and a stream of ejaculation coated her hand and the front of her skirt.

“Now look what you have done!” She exclaimed, even as his head exploded from the orgasm and the sudden, quick release. “Now you will have to clean me up!”

She pushed his face down to her skirt, and smirked.

“Lick off your dirty come off of me after the ballbusting, and then lick me till I come. If you don’t make me come, I will fire you today. So get to it!”

09/18/2013 - 16:11

This was the fourth time he had noticed her look at him. But she did not look pleased. And he was a vain man. He liked knowing that women liked him. He liked women adoring him, slaving over his smooth, young body, and lavish praises on his innocent smile, which was too sweet at times. But she never did that. Instead, she watched him like a hawk, as if he displeased her somehow.

Shaking his head in frustration, he decided to go out for a walk. It was a great day and the sun was shining, and he was young and free and happy. He needed some air in his lungs.

He walked a less-traveled path, down towards a lake which was quiet and empty at this point. At times, he liked to take off his clothes and bathe in the nude in the cool waters of the small pool, and he decided to do so today as well. He knew going to the pool was trespassing, that it was her property, but he somehow could not resist going there. And the last few times he had been there, he had had the distinct impression that someone was watching him. But he did not know who, and frankly, he did not care. If someone watched him, he surmised, good for that person! He had nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of.

As usual, he bathed in the nude and then stretched out on one side of the pool, on a slab of rock. The position at times made him think of being a pagan sacrifice, and he liked the image. He stretched once, and fell asleep, letting the sun warm up his body.

In his sleep, he could feel a hand moving to his exposed groin and caressing his cock. He murmured his assent and smiled as cool fingers traveled all over his groin and cupped his balls and stroked them. Another hand firmly grasped his penis. He was really enjoying this dual attention and his cock was getting hard when suddenly the hand on his balls tightened.

And then the fingers dug into his scrotum and it hurt!

His eyes popped open as he yelped in pain! But he was immobilized because that woman was standing right beside him, her face a mask of fury and her hands crushing him. He whimpered, his face red with pain, and opened his mouth to speak.

She cut him off with a glare.

“I have seen you sneak and bathe in my pool. My pool. I have seen you and thought that you would not be doing that the next time. But three times I have seen you and you were as shameless as ever. And did you take permission? No! Not for you, my little sweet boy, you’re too arrogant to take permission from a woman. So I will teach you a lesson in ballbusting today. You will feel pain like never before.”

Frightened, he started whimpering. Her fingers were clamping his balls tight, and her other hand held his cock in a grip that was like a vise. She twisted her hand deliberately, and the pain intensified and he felt his balls bunch up and start to protest the harsh torture they were being dealt with. He whimpered quietly, pleading with his eyes.

She did not take any notice, though. With her other hand, she pinched the tip of his penis, then gripped it in her strong hand and tugged. Tears of pain were in his eyes, but at the same time, he felt a weird sense of arousal, and he could feel his cock harden despite the pain in his cock and balls. She was giving him a ballbusting, and he was enjoying it enough to get a cock stand. Just the thought of it shamed him enough, and it made his cock twitch harder in her clasp, ready to ejaculate his semen.

She smiled at that.

“Oh my, my, look who’s a pain slut. You are a little pain lover from that ballbusting, aren’t you, lad? Well, today you will know a lot of pain.”

He was sweating now, his cock twitching madly in her grasp, as the pain in his balls intensified at her rough, rhythmic squeeze. His hips were twitching up and down as she roughly tugged his cock up and down, and drops of pre-come beaded the tip. She smiled at that, and tugged harder, her fingernails digging into the soft skin of his scrotum. He felt as if his entire body will explode, and his first ballbusting experience was about to make him come. He pleaded with his eyes, moaning and squealing while she applied more pressure, and suddenly he was coming in an explosion, his balls scrunched up together, his cock releasing jets of semen all down his front. His eyes closed and he could feel the pressure loosen around his balls and cock as she released him and finished the ballbusting.

Although in some pain, he opened his eyes to watch her retreat back to her house. He stared after her, and then suddenly got up and broke into a run towards her.

09/18/2013 - 16:01

He stood silently, waiting for her to come. Trepidation filled his heart. What would it be today? How will she punish? What would she do today with him?
His legs trembled slightly as he remembered the last encounter. Stripped and tied to a chair, with his legs spread open for better access, he had waited for her to begin her torture, and what a torture it had been!
Strong bonds tied him, and although he had at first feebly protested that the bonds were too tight, she had not listened. In fact, she had tightened the last knot more, deliberately, looking at him with a pair of eyes that were cruel and unforgiving. He knew he had erred, but he was also penitent.
However, penitence was not what she had looked for. Instead, it had been his penis which had been the center of her attention.
She had knelt between his legs to get better access. Some might say that the gesture smacked of submission, but not he. Her large body had held his genitalia cruelly while she stared at his face, really gauging his reaction. The moment it had seemed that he might be enjoying the rough handling she had stopped and smacked her palm flat over his balls.
At first, the smacks had been light, arousing him more than making him feel the pain. But soon, his balls started to react to the constant handling and the smacks. She had taken his left ball sac and pinched the skin on it between her forefinger and thumb, and then pulled towards her. A strange, painful yet arousing sensation had torn through him, making him moan.
She had smiled cruelly at that, knowing that he liked it. Slowly, she had done that to his other ball, and his cock had stuck out, fully engorged and long, for some attention.
However, she had not paid any attention to that at all. Instead, she had taken the opportunity to grasp the base of his cock, and pulled the penis with her left hand, up and away from her ball sac, and with her right hand, pinched the base of his cock lightly.
He had moaned. That had been a mistake. She had quickly increased the pressure, till the point he had cried out with pain. The pressure had not decreased, however. Instead, she used her fingers to put him in even more pain.
He shivered as he remembered his agonized scream when she had taken his right ball and deliberately squished it in her palm. It was painful, and he had not been able to help but let out the scream that had been lodged in her throat for some time. She was a ballbusting woman, making sure he felt the pain, and it was simultaneously arousing him and paining him to have the constant pain/pleasure equation within him.
She had then proceeded to crush both her balls together, while her left hand had firmly gripped the base of his cock, preparing him for the hard ballbusting to come. She deliberately had tightened the grasp till he was gasping and pleading, and then with strong movements, had set up a hard rhythm, while her right hand had played ball buster to the level of perfection.
Sharp beads of sweat had been running down his face and torso from the onslaught of pain of ballbusting and his huge arousal which had no relief. He had tried to tell her that, begging her to let him come, and come fiercely. The pain had grown steadily as her hand had scrunched his balls together and squeezed them till he was whimpering in pain.
Her movements over the penis head then increased to monster proportions. Indeed, he had never felt this aroused, or this big and hard from all the ballbusting. But he had also known that he was not the one in charge. So, whimpering had seemed to be the best course of action. He had then begged her to release him, to make him come.
At that, her hands had quickened and her ruthless handling of the balls had increased. That had been enough for him. His body had convulsed several times as he had erupted with all his seeds spewing out from the hard tugs and ballbusting she had given him simultaneously. Some of it was on him and some of it had fallen on her breast. She had taken a finger and tasted it, and closed her eyes in bliss.
He waited for her to begin his punishment. If this was what punishment was all about, then she probably had found a very apt pupil who is always willing to learn more.

08/22/2013 - 11:26

Stan drummed his fingers on his knees, bored. He had been sitting in Dr. Vesen’s office for what seemed hours, despite the fact that she was supposed to have been here some time ago.

He had been fantasizing about Dr. Vesen since first sitting down for one of her lectures. Her hands, so flawlessly manicured at all times, would have been incredible for ballbusting, and it was all he could do during her lectures to sit near the back, one hand squeezing his balls, with the other pretending to write down notes.

The door then opened and slammed loudly as Dr. Vesen strode in, glancing down at Stan with a sneer. Stan looked down himself and realized he was ballbusting himself as he thought of her.

“Touching yourself in my office? I could have you ejected from the college for that, Stan,” Dr. Vesen said as her eyes narrowed. “But I have something else in mind.”

“Dr. Vesen, for my paper I-”

“No talking from you, Stan, not now. Am I going to have to fail you, or are you going to take off your pants? Yes? Good, now walk to the window with your back to me.”

Outside, Stan could see other students walking around campus as he trembled, unsure of what was coming next, praying she saw him ballbusting and would want to help.

“You’re lucky I like you,” Dr. Vesen said as those manicured hands of hers slid between his legs and wrapped her long fingers around his dangling sack. “Otherwise this ballbusting would go a lot worse for you than it will already.”

Dr. Vesen squeezed, forcing his balls so hard against his sack that he started to shake with his urge. As she slowly pulled his busted balls back and away from the wall, his erect dick struck the wall with a loud thud. Stan didn’t know if the students outside could see him, but he didn’t care - clearly, Dr. Vesen wanted to ballbust him, and no spectator could ruin that.

Dr. Vesen then reached down with her other hand and began twisting his balls, twisting them up and coiling them like a rope, pushing his testicles to the outside of her hands. She then opened the palm of her free hand and pushed down on his balls, forcing them into the twisted mass of his sack.

“Dr. Vesen, ..”

“I told you,” Dr. Vesen said quietly with her soft voice, “to be quiet.” She then reached around and grabbed the shaft of his cock and forced it to point down to the floor before releasing it, letting it hit the wall. “You like ballbusting a little .. too much.”

Dr. Vesen grabbed the head of his dick and squeezed, and as the cum began to spew out of his dick, she pulled and twisted on his balls harder than ever and put her finger directly - and with a great deal of force - directly over the hole in his dick.

Just when Stan thought the ballbusting was literally going to make his dick explode from the pressure of his cum, she moved the finger on his dick and yanked once more on his balls, and he exploded all over her office wall.

Dr. Vesen turned around and began walking out of her office. “About your paper, Stan .. if you come back to my office at this time each week, we’ll just pretend you got an A on it.” She then opened her office door and left, leaving Stan to collapse onto the floor.

08/22/2013 - 11:24

Phil was so engaged with the belt sander that he was working with that he failed to register the sound of clicking heels on the floor of his shop until they were right next to him. Turning, he gasped.

Before him stood one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and had the pleasure of jerking himself off to as she ran through his neighborhood; curvaceous, pale, raven-haired and entirely unknown to him aside from her jogging, Phil had no idea what to make of her - and she didn’t give him a chance. All he could think about was her stomping him, ballbusting him in those running shoes she wore.

“You must be Phil,” she said, smiling in a way that sent a chill up Phil’s spine. “I’m Val,” she said in a very low voice, “but that doesn’t matter. You won’t remember my name soon enough, because you’re about to get the memory bashed out of you through ballbusting” Val said as she reached her stiff index finger towards Phil’s forehead, pushing him - firmly - away from the belt sander.

“We’re going to .. work with a different tool now, Phil,” she said, still pushing him as he backpedalled to the other end of his shop. “I’ve seen you looking at me, Phil .. and now I’m going to rewards your .. efforts. I’m going to bust your balls wide open.”

Val maneuvered Phil to the work bench at the far end of his shop, where the only tool was a vice. Val looked at him and grinned devilishly. Phil could not slow the hammering of his heart.

Val reached a slim-fingered hand to the ball socket of the vice, lifting the metal bar of the handle and letting it drop. Val repeated this slowly - seductively - several times before twisting the handle to open the teeth of the vice.

“I think I know .. EXACTLY what to do with a peeping tom like you, Phil,” Val said. She then wrapped her arms around him and lifted him, stunning Phil with her raw strength, and placing him so that each leg was on opposite sides of the vice.

Val grinned and licked her lips as she slid a small, silver knife from her boot. She pushed Phil back onto the bench as she used the knife on his pants, cutting through the denim and cotton, and then grabbed a fistful of his balls, which she squeezed as she pulled.

“Ohh Phil, you like this, don’t you?” Val said as she giggled. “Then your punishment might not be so bad afterall ..”

Val pulled on his testicles so hard that Bill was sure she would rip them clean from his body, and then kept pulling until they were within the teeth of the vice.

Phil could not stop trembling.

Still gripping his balls with an implacable strength, she began twisting the vice - slowly. Slowly. Slowly. As the vice teeth close, she raised his testicles slightly and positioned them so that they were visible at the top of the vice. She kept tightening - and tightening - and tightening, until Phil was sure that his balls were about to explode. He had never experienced ballbusting like this before.

Val only giggled as Phil shuddered in both pain and rapture.

Phil’s balls, visibly engorged and under the enormous pressure of the vice, pulsated and went bright-red with the pressure. Phil was sure that he was about to lose his testicles, but he did not care so great was his pleasure.

Val then reached down and gently ran her index finger along the line of Phil’s rock-hard cock, which, as she reached the head, she lifted into her mouth, where Phil exploded down her throat like a flashflood of cum. Val sucked it down so hard that she almost tore his dick off, and then, laughing as she wiped her mouth, stood and walked away, waving over her shoulder. He had never cum that hard before, not even when other women were ballbusting him.

“I’ll be waiting, Phil ..” she said, walking slowly, strongly. “You had better be watching.”

Phil still remembered her name - and he would never forget it or the ballbusting he had just received.

08/22/2013 - 11:22

The barista looked bored as she stood behind the counter preparing yet another expensive, Italian-sounding drink for a customer. Charlie had been in the cafe for hours, hoping to come up with something to say to the cute and curvy dark-haired girl.

On impulse, Charlie stood after the customer left the store, and walked over to the counter. He then noticed what she was doing with her hands - she was squeezing, angrily, a pair of latex massage balls. His plan of asking the barista out for a coffee dissolved before him as he was overtaken with the image of her ballbusting him.

The barista glared up at Charlie as she continued violently squeezing, kneeding, ballbusting the two latex balls in her hands. “What?” she asked him, the anger in her voice clear.

“I, unnhh .. I,” Charlie stuttered.

“You what? You want to,” she said, her voice barely audible as she lifted one of the latex balls so it was level with her head. “You want to ask me out on a date?”

She then squeezed the latex ball so hard that it burst, the silica filling spilling out of the seam in the latex and onto the floor. The barista did not acknowledge the ball busting open and stared levelly at him.

“..I,” Charlie began his voice unsteady because of all of the blood that had filled his engorged dick - which must have been clearly visible to her - and said, “only .. a date .. just ..”

“Just what? Do this?” the barista asked as she dropped the remains of the latex ball and reached over the counter and into Patrick’s pants. Thoughts of her squeezing, kneeding, punching and ballbusting the hell out of his balls overwhelmed him, and Patrick almost fell over with lust.

When she saw his reaction, she dropped the other latex ball and reached her other hand into his pants, wrapping it around his engorged cock, which she also squeezed and pulled on.

“You want to take me out on a date, is that it?” the barista continued, the anger in her voice giving way to the grin playing across her face. She continued squeezing and releasing, ballbusting him, and tugging on his dick.

“How about we say fuck the date, and I just ballbust you here in the cafe. Would you like that?” she said quietly, lustily.

She began to jerk his dick off, the head of which glistened with sticky precum, as she tugged on his balls.

“Do you have any idea,” the barista said as she leaned forward, “how I have longed to ballbust somebody just like you?”

The barista then pulled down on his ballsack with more force than Patrick thought would have been possible as she forced her fingernails into the head of his dick. The pain and the pressure from her ballbusting forced him over the edge, and he came all over her hands and filled his pants with the hot, syrupy mess.

Smiling cruelly, the barista pulled her hands out of Patrick’s pants, and then asked him if she could get him a coffee.

08/22/2013 - 11:21

Mike had been tied to the bed for what he was pretty sure were hours - but it was hard to really be sure, since the woman had blindfolded him, naked, after tying each of his limbs to a different bedpost. He had paid her for ballbusting, but was apparently receiving neglect.

Mike them heard the door open.

“If you speak a single word,” the woman’s voice said, “I will leave you here for your wife to find, and there will be no ballbusting of any kind.”

Mike would say nothing.

As he lay there, he heard her walk near him and could feel her presence, but she did nothing. For several moments, she stood motionless above him, until he felt her place something on the bed on either side of his leg. They seemed like table legs of some sort, but he couldn’t be sure.

He then felt a hand on his dick - which had been standing erect since he paid her to ballbust him and took her home - which lifted it straight into the air, and bound a cord around the shaft, just below the head. Mike then heard a noise, and she removed her hand from his rock-hard cock, which was now suspended in the air.

Mike then felt her crawl onto the bed and position herself between his legs. His dick was now pulsating, throbbing with anticipation for the ballbusting to come, and precum leaked out of it and flowed down the side of his cock. He felt a tongue run along the rivulet of cum, lapping it up before moving away.

The woman then used some sort of binding on his balls, placing them under a huge amount of pressure. He could feel them pulse in pain and pleasure.

When she was satisfied with how far his balls were protruding, she leaned down so that he could feel her breath on his the skin of his testicles, and he shuddered, which sent more precum rolling down his dick and onto his balls.

Mike then felt the lightest of sensations on the skin of his ballsack - it could have only been a feather. Delicately, the woman drew it along the surface of his testicles once, twice, again and again, until Mike couldn’t stop moving his hips back and forth on the bed. Still the woman said nothing, and still Mike could see nothing.

He then felt the feather move away, and the sensation was replaced by something slightly more forceful - her fingernails. They traced the veins on his balls, ran down through the crack, always delicately, always lightly - Mike had never been ball busted like this before, and each long, graceful stroke brought and kept him on the very edge of climax.

When he was positive that he was about to cum and squirt his load straight into the air, the woman pulled the binding off of his dick and dove onto it with her mouth, and his dick slid down her throat as she very gently squeezed his balls - and this time, he did cum. As he screamed, he sent so much of his cum down her throat that she gagged, but she kept her cool and swallowed it like a champ.

After she got up and moved off of the bed, Mike heard her turn and say, “Remember how I told you if you made any noise then I would leave you here for your wife?” Mike then heard the door to his room slam shut.

08/22/2013 - 11:19

Some men run to get in shape. Some men run because they fear heart disease. Jon ran because it was the only time when he could stop thinking about ballbusting.

But not today - no matter how hard or how fast he ran, all he could think about was getting his balls punched until they were blue. His wife, unfortunately, did not and could not know about his desire for ballbusting - she thought any type of sex that wasn’t missionary and for children was a terrible sin. So, frustrated and pent up and lusting for a good ballbusting, Jon ran.

As he ran past an alley about a dozen blocks from his house, the hand of a woman reached out and grabbed him by the neck, dragging him into the alley. Jim tried to struggle or to cry out, but her grip was iron-strong and wouldn’t let go.

The woman, her hands now binding his behind his back, dragged him to the side of a dumpster and threw him against it before reaching into her pocket, pulling out a zip tie, and binding his hands behind his back.

“What the fuck are-” Jon tried to say before she cuffed him in the side of the head. She then pulled a ball gag out of her jacket, affixed it to Jon’s head, and pushed him to the ground before pulling his pants to his ankles.

What was happening had been something Jon had been fantasizing about for years, but he was now suddenly terrified - but his dick was so hard with the prospect of ballbusting like this that he couldn’t help but be excited. For the first time, Jon noticed that the woman was wearing a mask over her face.

She then reached down and grabbed his rock-hard dick, pushing it violently out of the way, and then grabbing his balls, she yanked them up, pulled them out and away from his body, and then began binding them with zip ties.

By the time she was finished, his ball sack stretched out further than he thought possible, and more thinly than possible - she must have fixed twenty zip ties along his ballsack, making it longer than his dick, which was pulsating with ecstasy.

Jon’s captor then crouched down before him and put the index finger and thumb of each of her hands on one of Jon’s balls - this is it, Jon thought, I’m finally going to get ballbusted by a woman.

The woman then squeezed each of Jon’s balls at once, lightly, which caused precum to seep out from Jon’s dick and onto his balls and her hands. She squeezed again, slightly harder, and then began squeezing his balls one at a time, each squeeze harder than the last.

She then leaned down, lifted the mask from her head slightly, and pulled the entire length of his cock into her mouth as she squeezed both balls as hard as she could. Jon erupted into her mouth, shooting his cum deep into her throat, which she accepted in total silence.

After he had finished coming, the woman stood up and walked towards the alleyway entrance before taking off her mask. Before leaving his field of view, he heard her say, “Dinner is at seven, honey. Don’t be late.”

08/22/2013 - 11:16

Sweat dripping from his brow, Jim sat down on the bench inside of the batting cage, letting his practice bat fall into the dirt below. He couldn’t help but look at the bat and hope it would be used for ballbusting someday. Night was just falling on the practice park, and the other batting cages had long been deserted for the evening, leaving Jim alone - except for the shadowy shape of a woman, whom was walking slowly towards the cage Jim was in, her hips swaying as she walked.
Jim’ heart rate began to quickly: why else would a woman, alone, be in the cages so long after closing if not to .. play ball with him, he thought?

“Are you going to stand there drooling,” the woman, her dark hair curling around her eye as it hung down from inside of her helmet, “or are you going to let me in so I can used that bat to ballbust you?”
Jim glanced down at the glint of gold on his left hand and, as he stood to let the woman inside of the cage, put the hand in his pocket and let the ring fall.
“I saw that,” the woman said as she walked into the cage. Jim smiled.
“And you’re going to get exactly what you deserve,” she said, shoving him to the ground with more force than he had expected. He landed on the ground beside the bench and looked up at her.
The woman strode over him so that her feet were planted firmly on either side of his hips before leaning down and pulling his workout pants down to his ankles.

“Do you know what boys like you deserve?” she asked, lifting his bound ankles up as she turned around so that Jim could look up and only see her striped-shorts-hidden ass. “You deserve the most painful of ballbusting.” The woman then bent down and ground her ass into Jim’s face, pushing down hard enough that the rocks underneath his head began to leave small indentations. She then reached over and, as she grabbed the baseball bat, stood, holding his bound ankles high.

“This is what dirty, filthy boys like you deserve,” she purred as she swung the bat, full-force, directly onto Jim’s exposed balls. Before she could lift the bat again, Jim’s dick was so hard it hurt almost as badly as his balls did. He was getting ballbusted by his very own baseball bat.

She swung the bat again, again, and again, each swing further bruising and bashing his testicles until he was sure that they would burst with both pleasure and pain. The woman turned around and stepped back, looking at Jim as he writhed in pain and ecstasy.

“You disgust me, getting off on ballbusting” she said, but the grin on her face said something entirely different as she lifted the baseball bat once again and ground it into Jim’s balls, twisting it as he moaned.
Then, she bent down and, squatting at Jim’s feet as his back heaved in pre-orgasm while maintaining force with the tip of the bat, she punched him dead-on in the head of his cock, causing it to erupt his hot, sticky cum into the air as she moaned herself.

The woman, smiling, reached down and collected a handful of cum from Jim’s chest and put it into her mouth, grinning, both from the knowledge of the ballbusting and seeing him cum. She then stood up, pulled her hair back, and left the cage, leaving Jim quivering on the dirt of the batting cage.

08/22/2013 - 11:14

James and his wife Janet were sitting on the bed, naked. Janet had something new that she wanted to play with, and was holding the nondescript box over her lap that contained the item.

“So what is it?” James asked, looking at the box and slowly jerking himself off.

“Oh, something to better .. be close to you by,” Janet said, opening the box. Inside was a pair of leather thongs, and where they were joined was a long, silver chain, which had a handle on it.

“Uh ..” James said, suddenly terrified ballbusting would be involved with the evening. That was one fetish of his that he didn’t want anybody to know about.

“Do you know what ballbusting is, James ..” Janet said, throwing the box off of the bed as she leaned down in front of James cock and licked it from shaft to head.

James stopped jerking himself off - his dick was now so hard that he could have hammered a nail into concrete, and his wife knew it. It looks like his ballbusting kink was in the open.

Janet then placed one of the straps around his ballsack, and the other in between his balls. She held the handle in her hand.

“The way this works,” she said as she tugged on the handle, which squeezed his balls together, “is that when I tug on this handle,” she did so again, compressing his balls further, “it ballbusts you.”

Janet looked into James’ eyes and grinned wickedly before rolling onto her hands and knees, putting her ass square in James’ face. “Now,” Janet said, her face buried in a pillow, “be a good boy.”

James buried his face in his wife’s cunt, hungrily lapping at the rivulets of girlcum dribbling onto his tongue.

“Harder!” Janet screamed, pulling hard on the handle, “Fuck me with your face!”

James was fucking her pussy so hard with his tongue that he didn’t realize how close to cumming he was, and as she reached climax - which prompted her to pull even harder on the handle, so hard that he thought she was going to tear his balls off - he came himself, showering her legs with semen.

“Ohhh you dirty boy, think you’re getting off that easily ..” Janet said, leaning back to James. “Your dick will stay hard for as long as I keep ballbusting the hell out of you,” she said as she planted her face again and grabbed his dick, jamming it into her wet, hot cunt. “Now fuck me!”

With every thrust, Janet pulled on the handle, forcing more and more blood into James’ cock and into his balls. He never dreamed he’d be able to fuck his wife while she was ballbusting him, yet there she was, beating the hell out of his testicles while he was balls-deep inside of her.

When he was again starting to cum, Janet pulled on the handle, forcing him deeply inside of her, constricting his balls under tremendous pressure - and he filled her with his thick, sticky load as she slowly released the pressure on the handle, leaving James panting with the memory of an orgasm the likes of which he had never before had.

08/22/2013 - 11:11

Chris was alone inside of the kitchen of the restaurant, busily squeezing lemons with the plastic juicer to prepare for the breakfast rush of customers. Each time he pressed a half-lemon into the juicer, he imaged that it was it was one of his testicles being juiced, and couldn’t imagine, at that moment, any sexier ballbusting method in the world.

As Cheryl, the shift manager, came into the kitchen, he could see that something was wrong. It looked like she had been crying. Chris, still fantasizing about ballbusting with a lemon juicer, set the device down and walked over to her and asked what was wrong.

“My husband,” she said as she began sobbing, “he fucked his secretary.” She had a lemon in her hand and squeezed it so hard that it burst, sending lemon juice in a stream to the floor. Chris could not help feel his cock stiffen at the prospect. “I’d like to crush his balls like this lemon.”

Chris had to lean on the kitchen countertop.

Cheryl’s eyes narrowed into a glare as she looked at him and noticed the tent he had pitched in his pants. “Does this turn you on, Chris? Do you like the idea of getting your balls crushed?”

Chris looked at the floor, then at the lemon juicer, and then again at the floor.

“As your manager, I’m ordering you into the storage room. Now go.” Christ walked as well as he could, although the cock bulging in his pants made this difficult.

A few moments later, Cheryl entered the storage room and closed the door behind her - with the lemon juicer in her hands, which still glistened with lemon juice. It was going to happen - she was going to ballbust him with the lemon juicer! He couldn’t stop panting.

Cheryl reached down and slid Chris’ belt from his waste and let his pants fall to the floor. She then took his belt and coiled it around his ballsack, putting them under tremendous pressure. The glare had still not left her eyes.

Cherly looked down at Chris’ cock as it bobbed in the air, the head glistening with precum. She sneered at it, and then slapped it, sending it swaying violently.

“Ugh,” Cheryl said with disgust, glaring into Chris’ eyes. She then reached down, opened the lemon juicer, and forced Chris’ right ball into it and proceeded to ballbust him with a lemon juicer.

“You fucking dog,” Cheryl said as she slowly ground the two juicer halves together, forcing the leftover lemon juice into the ball skin. “How could you do that to me, you fucking pig!”

Cheryl forced the juicer pieces into each other with great force, breaking Chris’ skin - the pressure from the juicer, and the lemon juice seeping into his balls set Chris on fire, and the ballbusting was so hard that he exploded his hot cum all over Cheryl’s pants.

His manager, dropping the lemon juicer halves, looked at Chris and sighed before saying, “Now go clean yourself up. I’ll expect you back to work within five minutes.”

She turned and opened the storage room door.

“And Chris?” she asked, turning her head.

“Ch-Cheryl?” he replied.

“I’ll expect you back in this storage room tomorrow morning. I have a lot of ballbusting to do.”

08/21/2013 - 13:26

Bob had been busy working his dick and busting his balls in the bathroom for a good five minutes before he heard the door open. Abashed, he quickly let his dick fall and balls drop as he pretended to piss.
“Hello, Bob,” the voice of a female said. Jill, the secretary.
“Jill, uh, what -”
“Oh, Bob, I could hear you ballbusting from my desk and I couldn’t help myself, I just had to ..”
Jill walked over to Bob and spun him around and crouched in front of his dick, her voice a hushed whisper.
“I just had to ballbust you myself,” Jill said as she leaned forward and pulled each of his balls into her mouth, her lips forming a tight ring around them.
Bob, his dick now so hard he couldn’t speak, leaned back against the urinal, uncaring if he got piss all over his overalls.
Jill was ballbusting him with her mouth, and was pulling them back from his body with more force than he thought her tiny, petite frame capable of. She was moaning loudly as she began to bite down on one of his balls.
Bob moved each of his hands to the sides of her head, and pushed her away - not for her to stop, but so that she’d ballbust him even harder - which she did, biting down more forcefully and pulling her head back, practically pulling his balls off of his body.
Jill then raised her own hands, placing the fingers of her right hand lightly on the top of his dick, far from the head. She then slowly traced a line from the shaft all the way to the tip of the head. When she got near the tip, her ballbusting had pushed him so hard that pre-cum was already seeping out of his dick, leaking onto Jill’s face.
She noticed and giggled, opening her mouth wider and inhaling his balls deep into her throat. Then, she collected some of his precum with her fingertip and rubbed it onto her other fingers before wrapping them around Bob’s shaft, just below the head.
Bob could barely contain himself - he had been squeezing, tugging, pinching and punching his own balls for years, but ballbusting himself had never been anything like this before. Jill, as she made choking sounds on his balls, was ballbusting him in a way he didn’t think possible.
Jill’s hand, wrapped around Bob’s rock-hard dick, squeezed as she slid her hand to his dick’s head, which was pulsating and at the verge of orgasm. Seeing this, Jill slid back, pulling his balls out of her mouth and grabbing them with her free hand.
“I’m going to ballbust you so badly,” she said, her grip on his balls tightening, “that you’ll never be able to get yourself off without me again.” Jill then yanked his balls with incredible force down, and he came harder than he ever had in his life - which Jill devoured hungrily, lapping up the cum like a dehydrated dog.
Jill, moaning and smiling, stood, washed her hands, and winked at him as she left.
“See you at the office, Bob,” she said as she left the bathroom.

08/21/2013 - 12:13

Bill sighed. He knew he was fucked - busted going well over one hundred miles an hour in a residential zone. Hands in the 10 and 2 positions on the steering wheel, he waited for the cop behind him to get out of his car and approach his Mustang. This is what he gets for thinking about the ballbusting he had last week instead of paying attention to his speed.

The rap of the steel of the handcuffs on his window shook him from his reverie, and he immediately rolled down his window.

“Officer, I,” Bill began, trying to quickly formulate an excuse.

“Be quiet,” the officer said - a woman.

A gorgeous woman, with blonde hair and police sunglasses - and also handcuffs.

“Step out of the car, sir,” the officer said.

“Officer, if you could just let me expl-”

“Sir, I said get out of the car. Now.”

Phil complied, opening his door and looking at the officer, the tension in the air palpable.

The officer grabbed his hair, spun him around, and threw him against the roof of his Mustang, pulling his hands behind his back. He knew he shouldn’t, but Phil’s dick started to get hard as he thought that this might lead to getting ballbusted. What a ridiculous scenario, he thought.

“Do you have any idea,” the officer growled as she pushed the handcuffs as tightly as they would go, “how fast you were going?”

“I, uh, is this really-” Bill’s voice was cutoff as she pushed his head down into the roof of the car.

“I see that you’re going to resist your punishment,” the officer said as she turned and, grabbing the link between handcuffs, dragged Bill backwards towards her car. Instead of leading him to the prisoner door, she lead him to the back of her car, which she threw him on top of. “If you move, I will shoot you.”

Bill, his face pressed against the steel of the trunk door, was terrified and had no idea what to expect - but he still, irrationally, hoped he was in for a painful ballbusting. So it came as a tremendous, and incredible, surprise to him when the officer, standing between his spread legs, jammed her knee into his crotch.

Bill, his face still against the trunk, felt his erection grow as a grin spread across his face. So that’s the kind of cop she is, he thought. He began pushing himself away from the car.

“You just couldn’t let this be easy, could you?” the officer said as she again forced his head down and onto the trunk of the car. “I just wanted to give you a ticket, and now I have to ballbust you so badly that you never speed again ..”

The officer reached between Bill’s legs and, upon finding his dick as hard as the steel that composed her police car, gripped it fiercely, and pulled it backwards between his legs. Bill moaned loudly.

“You’re not supposed to like” the officer growled as she squeezed his dick harder, forcing it forward into the rear end of the car, “this.” She again pulled his cock back as Bill shuddered. “Ballbusting is a punishment, citizen ..”

The officer crouched down and, pulling Bill’s pants down, pulled out another pair of handcuffs, this time affixing one part to his dick and the other to his testicles. Bill, moaning, could not cease his trembling.

“No,” he pleaded halfheartedly, “stop ..”

The officer then grabbed the chain linking the two handcuffs, and pulled as hard as she could, sending Bill to collapse onto the pavement as he came in the dirt from getting ballbusted with handcuffs.

When Bill came to after the best orgasm he had ever had, the officer was gone - but her handcuffs were not.

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