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09/24/2013 - 16:25

She was bored, and she was looking for someone to irritate or hurt. She went to her club, and looked around for her favorite sub who she adored ballbusting, but he was nowhere to be seen. Frustrated and annoyed, she was just about to give up when her eyes fell into the “new members” section of the club, where a man of around 34-35 was sitting and staring at her. There was something about him that drew her, and she decided quickly on her next course of action. She wanted to sleep with him, and do things with him which were well-within the rules of this exclusive club, meant for “special” needs people, and she quickly wrote her demands, and sauntered to one of the rooms of the club reserved specifically for premium members such as her.

About 10 minutes later, she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in!” She commanded.

He stood in the doorway for a second, then came in and closed the door behind him. The lock slid in automatically, and now he had no way of getting out without her letting him go. He knew the drill, but then, everyone who joined this club, did.

“Strip.” She was precise with her words.

He stripped everything off, and stood on the buff. She admired his body for a second. A nice, lean, yet good looking body, with a nice sized cock, but big, plump balls. Balls she would love to play with, she decided immediately.

“Crawl to me.” She spread her legs and her short skirt hiked up to show she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, giving him a glimpse of her shaved, plump pussy. He dropped to his knees and crawled to her. When he was in nose level with her crotch, she pulled him in, and his tongue lapped her cunt immediately.

He was pretty good at this, she thought, as he licked and sucked her and she could feel an orgasm build up. She did not let it fade, but rather allowed him to give her a climax, her body shuddering in fulfillment.

As soon as she came, she asked him to lean back. Then, she put her right foot right over his balls, and pressed down. He moaned, the hurt really not registering in his state of arousal. Now fully erect, his cock was about 9 inches long, and he was looking forward to put it in her hole, when she suddenly used her foot to kick him in the balls.

He screamed, but the soundproof room did not let any noise out. He fell back, grabbing his groin, and moaned, his eyes closing against the ballbusting pain. She got up, and walked to him, standing between his legs. Using her left foot, she pressed them against his protecting hands and kicked them away. He protested, but when she lifted her foot warningly, he removed his hands. She examined his groin, and then pressed her foot down on his tender balls.

He groaned again, closing his eyes and said, “Please, please don’t hurt me anymore.”

She kicked him lightly on the underside of the balls and watched him whimper as she did a ballbusting. He was sick with pain, she knew. Crouching down, she grabbed hold of his cock tightly, and with her other hand, rubbed his balls, trying to relieve him of the pain. He twitched, and his cock soon started to twitch with arousal. Very soon, he was erect again, and trying to come. She decided to alternate the rubbing of the balls with spanks, and he started moaning within a minute.

The ballbusting pain was excruciating, yet she knew he was so aroused that he would come at any point. She tightened her grip on his cock, and then tugged onto it hard. He started to squirm, and moan, and suddenly she slapped his balls very hard, and he came with a rush from the ballbusting, his spunk squirting up in a high arc and spreading all over his stomach, and he moaned and cried and twitched helplessly as she pumped him ruthlessly. She milked every drop, and then watched him as he opened his eyes.


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